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Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope’s sex mistake unprotected to Brenda?

Laurel and Bob's sex secret unprotected to Brenda in Emmerdale?
(Picture: ITV)

Laurel Thomas was forced to come purify about her and Bob Hope’s afternoon of passion newly when the police indispensable to know where she was when Emma Barton was killed in Emmerdale – and now it seems like Bob’s wife Brenda could shortly turn arcane to the intolerable revelation. 

While Bob and Laurel concluded to keep things quiet, Laurel’s acknowledgment to the police has difficult things and it has led to the span communicating about their mistake once again. And when Brenda spots a questionable calm sell on Bob’s phone, her heart plummets.

Laurel is taken aback when Brenda confronts her, voicing her concerns that something is going on between them and Laurel denies it, instead trying to come up with an trusting explanation. Brenda isn’t shopping it yet and presses her for answers, making Laurel sweat.

As Brenda questions her and Bob further, will they moment and confess what happened between them? Or can they put Brenda off the smell and keep their guilty relationship a secret?

And if Brenda were to learn the truth, could she pardon Bob or would it all be over for them?

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