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EastEnders spoilers: Showdown for Phil Mitchell and Mel Owen after Ben exit

EastEnders reveals Phil and Mel showdown as Ben disappears
(Picture: BBC)

Phil Mitchell is in for a blast from his past when he comes face to face with Mel Owen over 15 years after she over Walford with his income in EastEnders. And when he discovers that she was on the hunt for his now blank son Ben, he wants to pronounce with Ciara Maguire who is pulling her strings. 

Fans watched as Mel tried to prize the case of income from Ben as he over for Calais. He refused but when he reached customs, he detected that the income had already been taken and transposed with newspapers.

He motionless to start his new life regardless but Ciara was watching. When Ciara then confronts Mel over the stream locale of the money, Mel swears that she was certain Ben had it but she is tasked once some-more with anticipating out where it has finished up.

Mel wants answers from Phil in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Later, Phil and the rest of the men concerned with the ill doomed heist come out of hiding and reassemble to plead what is going on and who has the cash but they seem no serve forward.

Phil then discovers that Mel was back and asking about Ben and, not meaningful where his son is or how much risk he is in, Phil tries to get in hold with Mel.

She after surprises him by branch up at his residence and there is tragedy between the span as Phil realises that she must know something about Ben. But what answers will he get from her and will they be allies or enemies in the onslaught for the blank money?

EastEnders front these scenes on Tuesday 23rd Jan at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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