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Coronation Street spoilers: Star Marc Baylis reveals what’s forward as Rob Donovan returns

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

Rob Donovan is like that bad penny that keeps popping up – and the torpedo is in some-more difficulty than ever before in Coronation Street as he has left on the run after holding advantage of a pile-up to shun from prison. 

Tracy Barlow, who clearly still harbours feelings for the man who many fans consider to be her loyal love, is harbouring him in the gym and, it transpires, has been for utterly some time. But what next for the uneasy pair?

We held up with returning actor Marc Baylis who suggested what is forward for Rob and Tracy, either Rob honestly loves Tracy, either this could be his last Weatherfield army and what it has been like coming back to the Street once more.

How have you been enjoying coming back to Corrie?

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

It’s awesome. It’s always good to come back and have a little play and we adore personification Rob. When we got the call from Kate (Oates, series producer) we had a good contention about what was next for the impression and that, for me, is important. we don’t wish to be going turn in circles with Rob. we always wish him to be on the front foot and that’s accurately what this storyline brings.

Were you astounded to get that call?

To be honest, given of the attribute I’ve had with the show, going on for 5 years, we do know that anything is kind of probable in soapland and that’s one of the things we adore about this job. The possibilities are unconstrained as distant as I’m concerned, with Rob’s future. So I’d be ridiculous if we didn’t keep an eye on the show to see what’s happening, I’m a large fan.

How prolonged are you back for?

I’m still here now but not permanently. What will rise from this is that Rob is a very opposite person to the last time. A lot has occurred over the last 18 months and he was very angry and sour at that indicate about the two women that he desired many in his life, one being the sibling, one being the adore of his life. The anger that was underneath that whole storyline there to exhibit that Johnny was Carla’s father is a very opposite Rob to what we see now.

He’s a very opposite man. There are similarities to the time when him and Carla were getting closer and when him and Tracy first got together and there’s a bit some-more adore and a lot some-more unearthed about his and Tracy’s relationship.


How does he escape?

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

It’s not that Rob has hired a pneumatic drill, left by the jail walls and sprinted for his life. It’s not planned. An occurrence occurs which does engage the police. There’s a pile-up and he seizes the opportunity.

Could he be a Ken suspect?

Absolutely. Hypothetically if Ken was to see Rob I’m certain he would contend ‘excuse me what are you doing here?!’

What can you tell us about Rob, Tracy and Amy finale up on the run?

All we can contend about that is that they are some of the favourite scenes that I’ve ever filmed on Corrie. In fact, by all of this storyline there is some pleasing element that we really wish gives that other side to this whole set up. Because it’s not the easiest of scenarios they’re in and what we’re trying to do is tell the adore story. It is doomed, it’s a terrible scenario. If you’re in adore as sexually as they are with any other and it is genuine, the feelings don’t stop just given it’s surplus so that’s the onslaught we’ve enjoyed playing.

How does he feel coming back to the stage of Tina’s murder?

It will always be on his mind. We played out the storyline after time had upheld and via that whole arc we wish we showed the distress of the man and how it did actually disaster with his psyche. The whole indicate of that 6 months to me, personification Rob, was the fact that we was trying to tell the story of accidents can happen, forgetful the steel pipe, but they can occur and the initial tumble was an accident. we don’t consider it will ever leave him as a person.

You mentioned the other side to Rob, does he feel guilty for being so vicious to Tracy the last time they met?

There’s a distress to Rob. The last time we saw him on screen there was a sourness of that moment. He loves Tracy and understands since she did what she did. But at that sold time he didn’t feel that way and wanted a bit of revenge. That’s the beauty of coming back this time, it continues and you see the reasons since he did that. There’s a good by line there even yet there’s been a gap.

Does he have a devise now?

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

It’s a do or die conditions that he’s in so it’s very much off the cuff, notation to minute. There’s a gait we’re trying to tell the story at, a clarity of coercion there. He’s changing his mind all the time as to the right angle, what’s the right thing to do. And that, for me, is the doubt Rob always asks himself, what is the right thing to do? As we know a lot of the time he creates the wrong decision!

But that gives me something good to be means to play and with Kate Ford (Tracy) as well. We’re two sinister characters and that gives us a lot of element to work with. There’ s a bit of comedy that Rob and Tracy have in there as well.


How easy is it, stepping back into his shoes?

Although I’ve kept up with the show, we don’t know where Rob’s at so it’s really engaging for me to collect up the first few scripts. I’ve never found a problem with picking up the impression again. But the vigour is ‘can we make it real’? During the first stage you walk in and feel the vigour again, there’s a bit of terror but within two seconds you’re true back into it and it’s like you’ve never left.

Had you kept in hold with cast?

Yeah, we kept in hold with a satisfactory few, generally the ones we worked with, Ali, Chris, Kate, Kym, so there’s a clear ongoing relationship.

What have you been up to since?

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

I’ve just finished co producing a underline film, Arcadia, with a executive crony of mine. That’s a plan that’s taken up the last two and a half years. we was in it as well. It’s substantially the biggest training bend I’ve ever had, generally branching into new territory. We started building it as we was personification out the tail finish of the Tina story. To be there from judgment right by to editing, you can’t help but learn masses. We’ve finally finished that and it’s out now. Another film called Redcon-1 is out after this year. So it’s been good to try opposite stuff.

You had to censor from the paparazzi when you first returned…

We don’t wish people to know too much about the story. It’s a shame those pics were taken given we wanted it to be a surprise. we feel it’s cheated the assembly of that moment.


If it was probable for him to come back permanently, would you?

Absolutely. If that’s something that would ever be on the list then apparently I’d hoop that review with every other review I’ve had. we adore personification the character, we adore the show and if the producers and writers feel we have something we can offer to tell good stories on this show I’m 100 percent behind that.

Corrie star Marc Baylis reveals what's forward as Rob Donovan returns
(Picture: ITV)

I can’t contend either he’ll die. we can’t contend either it will be probable for them to stay together. I would consider staying of march if that was on the table. we adore the impression and the show. we would always stay if there was a good story to tell.

What’s Rob’s ideal outcome? Would he adore the happily ever after?

Absolutely. With Rob and Carla’s upbringing there’s never really been any form of fortitude there or a family unit. So both characters had so much turmoil, they only know what they know which made their adulthood. They do desperately wish a happy pacific life but given of their container it will never happen. The two up two down would be the dream with Tracy.

Has it been bittersweet to come back and Ali King not be here?

Absolutely. It reminded me of when we first started and we didn’t know that she was on leave. So we had to settle Rob but his closest couple there but for me the impression didn’t really take off until Ali was there given we could play all the kin stuff. But we would wish that we can do that at some indicate again in the future.

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