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Celebrity Big Brother’s Trisha Paytas claims she was ‘mistreated’ and breaks down in new video rant

Celebrity Big Brother: Trisha claims she was 'mistreated' as she breaks down during rant
Trisha Paytas claims she was ‘mistreated’ in the CBB residence (Picture: YouTube)

Celebrity Big Brother’s Trisha Paytas has continued her vlogging rants in the issue of walking out from the Celebrity Big Brother residence on Friday.

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In a extensive video posted on Saturday, the YouTube blogger describes how ‘fake’ the residence was and how she felt like she was mistreated as she spoke on camera for over 43 minutes.

Speaking about her startle exit from the house, she said: ‘It feels really surreal to watch it back. we theory I’m a lot calmer now and we didn’t arise up with regret.

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‘Having pronounced that, we was a fan of the show and it felt surreal to see me a partial of it as it didn’t feel like you’re filming a TV show. When you’re inside it feels like no one was examination and no one cared. They would contend it’s formed on the voting thing but for me it seemed fake.’

She added: ‘When the live show was happening they put on sound so you can’t hear the crowds so it feels feign like it’s not a really show. we swear to goodness, everybody gets so paranoid we suspicion it was a Truman show, we suspicion it was a set up that someone wanted to do something to me.’

Celebrity Big Brother: Trisha claims she was 'mistreated' as she breaks down during rant

The self-made YouTube star quit the reality show following the eviction of Karthick Nagesan, but she couldn’t utterly leave the residence but holding a cocktail at a few housemates who, according to her, apparently represent the whole nation.

Moments after Karthick’s eviction, Trisha could be seen repetition about Paul Danan, Sam Thompson and Jordan Davies – who were held on camera jumping in hysterics following Karthick’s eviction – saying: ‘They’ve got 0 honour for anyone or the slight or anything.’

Trisha has been posting a series of videos to her channel airing out her thoughts on appearing on the show, blasting her associate housemates in a YouTube video to her legions of subscribers and branding the whole knowledge a ‘joke of a show’.

‘I have a lot to contend about people in the house,’ she continues.

‘I have a lot of information,’ before she talked about her loyalty with bestie Chad Johnson.

‘My issue is with Big Brother itself…. if you give an honest knowledge that you were mistreated that’s not just slamming the show. That’s observant “hey we was mistreated.”‘

Following her decision to leave, Trisha has given threatened former Girls Aloud thespian and associate housemate Sarah Harding, saying the former cocktail star is in for a ‘rude awakening’ once she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house, claiming to know an unaired secret about the star.

‘By the way it hasn’t been… you know what we won’t even say. Something hasn’t been suggested on the show that we know about Sarah Harding. Nothing too personal but all we know is she’s in for a bold awakening when she comes out of that house,’ she said.

Representatives for Big Brother have been contacted by Metro.co.uk

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