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This $650 TV thinks it costs $1,000 – and I’d recommend it to absolutely everyone

You can press the magnifying button on the Roku remote to search for content, like action movies, or even specific movies and TV shows. But it’s best used if you have a specific movie, TV show, or even actor in mind you want to watch.

When I search for “action movies,” it gives me a long list of movies that isn’t sorted in any specific order. Older movies were being mixed in with newer movies, for example.

When you search with your voice, the TV’s built-in Roku service delivers the results: whether it’s a video on the Roku Channel or if it’s available to stream or rent from another app like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Vudu, among others.

It works surprisingly well, and it made my search for the movie “Moonlight” incredibly easy. I was about to rent the movie from one of the apps that had it available to rent. But after using the voice search feature on the Roku, I found that it was available to stream from Amazon Prime Video, which is handy as I’m an Amazon Prime customer.

Roku’s voice feature worked perfectly, and it avoided me having to search through Amazon Prime Video on a computer or mobile device to check if the movie was available to stream. It also saved me from paying for renting the movie!

I could also use the Roku voice feature to switch inputs to my Xbox, which is neat, but it’s just as easy to use the buttons on the remote.

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