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The best lines from Chris Rock’s new Netflix special ‘Tambourine’

Chris Rock’s first comedy special in a decade is no joke.

Performing in front of a sold-out Brooklyn crowd, the comedian warranted lots of laughs via his “Tambourine” stand-up set, which premiered Wednesday on Netflix. But Rock also got genuine as he addressed personal topics during the show, which took place at BAM in November.

Here are some of the best lines from Rock’s latest special, from his views on divorce and police savagery to the china linings of Trump’s presidency:

On intrigue on his wife

Rock was mostly critical as he non-stop up about intrigue on his wife with 3 opposite women. He began by explaining that relations are like being in a band, and that means infrequently you have to play “the tambourine” while your partner sings lead, before seguing into his infidelity.

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“I cheated,” he said. “I’m serious, I’m not bragging. we cheated. we was like, on the highway and we finish up sleeping with 3 opposite women. It’s f—ed up.

“When guys cheat, it’s like, we wish something new. … But then you know what happens? Your wife finds out, and then she’s new,” he explained. “She’s never the same again. So now you got new, but you got a bad new.”

Chris Rock’s special Tambourine premiered Wednesday on Netflix.

Chris Rock’s special “Tambourine” premiered Wednesday on Netflix.


Rock, 53, then surmised all of the women in the assembly were substantially confounded by his behavior, while many of the men would likely have opposite reactions.

“Every man in here right now is going, ‘Three? That’s it? Just three? … You must’ve really desired your wife,'” Rock deadpanned, earning a giggle from the crowd.

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On divorce and his control battle

Earlier in the set, Rock pronounced relations are not a “competition,” and that people should penchant their partners’ achievements. But after he had to seem in justice to convince a judge and jury that he was able of holding caring of his kids, his mindset changed.

“It’s like, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing at your mother’s house, but we’re going to top that s–t.’ … Sometimes, we bring guest stars,” he joked. “I make certain they go back to her with a story. Like, ‘Mama, Mama, Drake helped me with my homework! Lady Gaga done me a grilled cheese sandwich!'”

On police assault in America

Rock addressed social issues early on, reporting that referring to a few aroused cops as “bad apples” is not a good invulnerability for law enforcement.

The special was available during Rock’s set in Brooklyn last November.

The special was available during Rock’s set in Brooklyn last November.


“Bad apple? That’s a lovely name for murderer … we mean, I’ve had a bad apple. It was tart, but it didn’t throttle me out,” Rock said.

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He continued: “I know it’s tough being a cop … But some jobs can’t have bad apples. Some jobs, everybody gotta be good. Like, pilots. American Airlines can’t be like, ‘You know, many of the pilots like to land, we just got a few bad apples that like to pile-up into mountains.'”

On the significance of having bullies in school

The comedian remembered sitting by his daughter Lola’s high school orientation, where the clamp principal positive bullying would not be tolerated. But Rock took exception, joking that traffic with bullies prepares kids for the genuine world.

“That’s how Trump became President,” Rock he said. “That’s accurately what happened. We got absolved of bullies, a genuine brag showed up, and nobody knew how to hoop it.”

On how Trump’s presidency competence ‘work out’

“Think about it this way,” Rock began. “Bush was so bad, he gave us Obama. … Bush was so bad that people said, ‘hey maybe this black man has the answers.’

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“Trump’s so bad,” Rock joked, “he’s gonna give us Jesus.”

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