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Stephen Colbert torches Bill O’Reilly legacy: ‘A self-righteous landfill of angry garbage’

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Having satirized the regressive indicate of perspective for years on the
“Colbert Report,” Stephen Colbert could both applaud and mourn
the banishment of Bill O’Reilly by Fox News.

“He’s been a guest on this show, and we take no pleasure in his
downfall. I’m not going to lay here and publicly gloat,” Colbert
pronounced on Wednesday’s “Late Show” before instructing the organisation to
take the camera off him so he could secretly gloat.

O’Reilly’s exit comes after an bomb report by The New York Times found that Fox and
O’Reilly had paid $13 million in settlements to women who had
accused the horde of making neglected passionate advances, as good as
new accusations of passionate nuisance and an exodus of some-more than 20 advertisers from
the time container of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

O’Reilly pronounced last week he was holding a formerly planned
vacation. But on Wednesday, Fox issued a statement confirming that he would
“not be returning to the Fox News Channel.”

“It’s not that big of a surprise,” Colbert said. “We all saw this
coming at us like an old man cornering an novice in the break

“The O’Reilly Factor” was the top-rated program opposite all the
wire news networks for some-more than a decade. Colbert gave credit
to O’Reilly’s recognition when the assembly booed the partial of
Fox’s matter job O’Reilly “one of the many achieved TV
personalities in the story of wire news.”

“By ratings standards, he is,” Colbert said. “By dignified standards,
he was a self-righteous landfill of angry garbage.”

But Colbert had to compensate some loyalty to O’Reilly, observant he had
formed partial of his “Colbert Report” impression on the conservative
newsman. To benefaction another indicate of view, he brought back the
“Report” impression to bid farewell to his icon.

“Shame on you. You unsuccessful him. You unsuccessful Bill O’Reilly,” he said
to America. “You didn’t merit this good man. All he ever did
was have your back — and if you’re a woman, you know, have a go
at the front, too.”

Coming out of the taped sketch, Colbert offering O’Reilly devotees
some consolation.

“In case you’re a fan of passionate harassers who are on TV all the
time, we still have Donald Trump,” he said.

Watch the video:

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