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Pierce Brosnan threatened with jail time over Indian ad

It’s not the tract of a James Bond film — Pierce Brosnan is being threatened with jail time.

Indian officials are warning the actor that he could face two years behind bars if he doesn’t yield an reason for because he seemed in an announcement compelling a company that sells mouth-freshening products, including some that enclose tobacco, according to the BBC.

It’s illegal to publicize tobacco products in India.

Brosnan — best famous for portraying 007 in the James Bond films — was featured in the ad for Pan Bahar about 18 months ago, and has claimed in the past that his inclusion in the announcement was “unauthorized.”

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The specific Pan Bahar product that Brosnan’s picture was used to promote did not enclose tobacco, but other products sole by the company do, according to The Guardian.

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Indian officials are giving Pierce Brosnan 10 days to explain his coming in a controversial ad.

(Danny Moloshok/Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

In further to the intensity jail time, Brosnan, 64, could face a tiny fine.

Members of the health dialect in Delhi, India, contend they’ve reached out to Brosnan seeking an explanation. He’s being given 10 days to reply.

“We have released the notice to Pierce Brosnan by the company, and also reached out to him around social media platforms,” officials told the Indian Express newspaper.

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Brosnan primarily addressed his picture appearing in the ad in Oct 2016 by stating he’d only sealed on to promote one product — not the whole company — and that he was told the object he was compelling did not enclose tobacco or other dangerous components.

Not Released (NR)

This announcement featuring Pierce Brosnan is at the core of controversy.


“As a man who has spent decades championing women’s medical and environmental protection, we was unsettled to learn of Pan Bahar’s unapproved and false use of my picture to validate their operation of vessel masala products,” Brosnon pronounced matter at the time, according to People. “I would never have entered into an agreement to promote a product in India that is dangerous to one’s health.”

Brosnan also remarkable he’d lost his first wife, daughter and several friends to cancer.

Pan Bahar, meanwhile, refutes Brosnan’s claims that the company cheated him. It also asserts the code shouldn’t be connected to tobacco and should instead be noticed as a mouth freshener.

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