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Paul Cattermole is waiving the postage price on his Brit Award now that eBay bids have reached £66k

Paul Cattermole waiving postage price on his Brit Award now that eBay bids have reached 66k
Bidding on the Brit Award has reached heat representation (Picture: Twitter)

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole dictated to sell his Brit Award prize for £650.

But with 3 days to go, the behest has reached a hundred times the starting amount.

Somebody has bid a whopping £66,000 for the Brit Award Paul perceived in 2000 for Best Newcomer.

Paul, 40, formerly flogged S Club 7 memorabilia including the parka he wore in the Never Had A Dream Come True video and a Russian shawl worn by Paul in the special S Club Go Wild.

Paul Cattermole BRIT behest
Paul is waiving the postage fee, so that’s good (Picture: eBay)

However, he was never awaiting the bids for his Brit endowment to ascend from £650 to £66,000 in a matter of days.

Paul listed the statuette on 5 January, but the first bid totalling £2,200 wasn’t perceived until 10 January. By the 11th, the behest fight had escalated to £6,000 – but 127 bids later, it’s shutting in on £70k.

The Don’t Stop Movin’ thespian updated his eBay to share his awe at the offers – and, kindly, he’s concluded to relinquish the £5 postage fee.

He wrote: ‘I didn’t design it too ascend like this . we am examination every bid very closely and the immeasurable infancy of people have outrageous feedback. Some in the thousands. If there are some stupid bids at the finish on Monday we will be deletion them and/or coming pickle down the line to the next bidder. So you can bid with full confidence.

‘Plus, this does change the transport stretch for the meet and hail and make it much larger. Postage can now be ignored. we will cover the full cost of postage with the many secure carrier. Ask me for details.’

S Club 7
Paul left S Club 7 in 2002 (Picture: Anthony Harvey/Newsmakers)

Paul had formerly betrothed a meet and hail for the winning bidder, if they wanted it.

The Brit is described as 13.25 inches in height, with Paul writing: ‘It hasn’t been professionally polished, there are smudges that won’t come out but a pro polish. There are signs of age. Where the arms meet the shoulders at the back, and where the neck and chest mix into the top of the dress. An gash on the inside of the helmet. That is a casting burble and has always been there.’

Cattermole left S Club 7 in 2002, forcing them to continue on as a six-piece until they disbanded the following year.

Paul reunited with S Club in 2014, going on debate in 2015.

He and Hannah Spearitt rekindled their romantic attribute the same year after finale their five-year attribute in 2006, but the span separate in Nov 2015.

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