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Artist of the day 04/07: Calva Louise

Artist of the day 04/07: Calva Louise
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Calva Louise sound like: A not-so still demonstration that you don’t ever really wish to end.

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Their story: Calva Louise are a contingent of friends – Jess on guitar/vocals, Alizon on bass/vocals and Ben on drums and, funnily enough, vocals too – who make raucous, bratty and insanely spreading garage-rock music.

Based out of Camden, London and seen rehearsing flattering much all day every day at The Roundhouse venue’s enviable operation of operation spaces which are free to use for under 25-year-olds, the rope have given turn famous as a must-see on the live circuit.

They have been personification live some-more or reduction uninterrupted for the last year or so and have amassed accolades trimming from DIY Magazine to music attention publications like Record Of The Day.

To-date they have only expelled one singular called I’m Gonna Do Well – a impertinent detonate of punk stone energy cocktail that demonstrates how musically skilful this rope are.

What’s so good about them? Quite frankly, it is over us because Calva Louise haven’t already been given the endowment for being one of the many sparkling bands in the UK right now.

Jess and co are not brief of a live engagement or fifty following a year of agitator gigs around the country, quite in London, the witnessing of which creates one re-think precisely how much sound a immature three-piece are able of delivering.

As songwriting goes, I’m Gonna Do Well has a tongue-in-cheek audacity to it that appeals to the good lyricists of the universe which compliments the band’s own code of jagged-guitar craziness.

If you check out one new rope live this year, make certain it’s Calva Louise.

Most-streamed lane on Spotify: I’m Gonna Do Well

Most-recent video:

What will they be doing in 2017? This year is positively vagrant for a singular recover follow-up to the band’s entrance which flush last year. Beyond that, they will positively be personification lots and lots some-more live shows, a garland of which you can check out below.

Signed to: Unsigned

Upcoming live dates:

  • 12 July: The Waiting Room, London (free entry)
  • 28 July: Petta Sounds, Ipswich (tickets)
  • 19 August: Brixton Windmill, London (tickets)
  • 26 August: Shuffle Festival, London (tickets)
  • 1 September: Bingley Music, Bingley (tickets)
  • 21 September: 229, London (tickets)
  • 21 October: Ritual Union Festival, Oxford (tickets)

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