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Bond prolongation has ‘gone strangely quiet’ says Ben Whishaw as James Norton casting rumours swirl

Bond 25 speak 'gone strangely quiet' says Ben Whishaw as James Norton casting rumours swirl
Ben Whishaw has dished up some info on the latest Bond film (Picture: Getty)

If you were anticipating for some luscious goss from the set of the next Bond movie, you’re fresh out of luck.


Ben Whishaw, who plays Q in the authorization pronounced speak of filming has left quiet, as we all wait with bated exhale on news about the latest instalment, dubbed Bond 25.

The 37-year-old played Q in prior instalments of the flick, including Spectre and Skyfall, and is set to reprise his role in the latest spin – that is, if it ever starts filming.

He told the Metro: ‘I haven’t had an refurbish for a while. we would imagine, we consider they have a recover date for next year, so we consider by the finish of this year we have to have started filming something.

‘Although it has left strangely quiet, but that’s mostly the way it goes.’

As the man said, they have a recover date already slated for 2019, so they better get a squirm on *taps watch*.

Q has seemed in 21 of the 24 cinema and stands for Quartermaster, the conduct of Q Branch (later Division), which is the illusory investigate and growth multiplication of the British Secret Service AKA Bondland.

National gallery slasher
Ben alongside Daniel Craig (Picture: EON Productions UK/USA Scene Still)

Whishaw is now at the helm of the character, but it was once played by Monty Python’s John Cleese, who starred in two Bond films alongside Pierce Brosnan.

The news comes as Daniel Craig prepares to trip into Bond’s tuxedo for the final time, bowing out at the finish of his fifth spin as agent 007, 13 years after stepping into the role.

Of march rumours began swirling as to his deputy faster than one could contend ‘shaken not stirred’, with the frontrunner immediately rising in the form of McMafia actor James Norton.

Norton has denied he’s up for the role (of course), revelation pundits to put their income back in their pockets after betting agencies placed him as the collect of the litter.

He told Radio Times: ‘The law is that it’s sum speculation.

‘It’s really humbling and flattering, but to have my name [talked up for Bond] next to the likes of Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender is just mad. If you’re meditative of putting a gamble on me, keep your income in your pocket.’


What we do know is that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will return to the writers’ chair, having contributed to the last 6 entries to the franchise.

So at slightest we have that.

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