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Why I’m not worried by rob boxes – Reader’s Feature

Why I'm not worried by rob boxes - Readers Feature
Call Of Duty: WWII – do you caring that it has rob boxes?

A reader admits the problems surrounding rob boxes but explains because he doesn’t care, at slightest when it comes to Call Of Duty.

A lot has been pronounced about rob crates, an in-game form of DLC that (can) embody weapons or variants. And as an annual Call Of Duty player, with over 240 hours on Black Ops III and scarcely 100 hours on Modern Warfare Remastered, we consider I’ve had adequate time getting killed by rob bin weapons to have an opinion. Has it deterred me from personification or shopping Call Of Duty yearly? No. Has the new patent leak deterred me? No (although it explains a lot).

Have we bought any rob crates over 300 hours of Call Of Duty? No. Do we consider holding a mount and not purchasing Call Of Duty every year will see DLC guns disappear? Heck no!

And before we go any further, just let this fact set in: Activision Blizzard done over $3.6 billion from in-game calm in 2016.

$3.6 billion from in-game content!

And you must me wondering how we continue to play and buy Call Of Duty every year? we like it. The multiplayer is good fun, and as for DLC guns, with my MANY hours, not a singular DLC arms has been better than the best gun that is unlockable from the diversion itself. It’s not so much compensate to win as it is compensate to have fun.

It’s positively an interesting captivate to get a rob bin gun, nonetheless we haven’t spent a singular bruise on rob crates. we play the diversion (as we would anyway) and use the in-game credits to open crates. You can possibly have fun with the diversion and buy/not buy rob crates, or you can find a opposite diversion that will stop you getting aggravated with rob crates.

I totally see the evidence against them, that’s because we don’t compensate for them. But as for holding a mount and anticipating they will remove sales and go cosmetic-only (Call Of Duty developers lied about both Black Ops III and Modern Warfare Remastered being cosmetic only, until Jan when they brought weapons in) we can’t see that happening when they are making billions off it! Who can censure them when there are already many gamers peaceful to buy them.

Many of the Call Of Duty YouTube village already accept there will be copiousness of variants and weapons in all the future games, as do I. We accept it won’t stop. If you wish to censure anybody in this rob bin debacle, censure the people shopping the rob crates (many Call Of Duty YouTubers!). If they weren’t shopping them, Activision Blizzard wouldn’t have over $3 billion in distinction (they are a business after all), and that’s before you count the diversion itself.

I can’t contend much other than I’m too upheld caring. And we consider my playtime says it all really. I’m going to gripping play Call Of Duty and enjoy myself, DLC weapons or otherwise.

Thanks for reading.

By reader Charlie Ridgewell

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