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Stranger Things video diversion looks surprisingly good (and it’s free)

Stranger Things video diversion looks surprisingly good (and it's free)
The higher way to publicize your new show

An reasonably retro-looking Stranger Things diversion has just been expelled on iOS and Android, as a way to promote the second season.

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Stranger Things already has copiousness of video games in it, so it only seems satisfactory that games themselves should return the favour.

We’re almost astounded there hasn’t been any kind of Telltale Games character central tie-in, but nonetheless this one is only a smartphone diversion it does demeanour flattering good. Not slightest since it’s free and has no in-game purchases.

The graphics are actually extremely better than any home diversion would’ve been in the 80s but the character still fits the show very well, as you get to try the city of Hawkins as 7 opposite playable characters.

There are 6 dungeons to try in locations such as Hawkins Lab, Mirkwood Forest, and Jim Hopper’s house. Characters any have their own puzzle-solving special abilities, from a wrist rocket for Lucas to Hopper’s hazmat suit.

There’s two formidable levels though, with the classical mode meant to impersonate the rock-hard problem levels of tangible 80s video games.

Also enclosed are eggos and gnomes to find and collect, and a VHS library to complete. All of which suggests a extremely larger bid has been spent than common for this arrange of thing.

It is radically just a promotional apparatus for the second deteriorate on Netflix, but when that hits on Oct 27 an refurbish for the diversion is betrothed that will supplement new characters and quests.

The graphics are some-more 90s than 80s
The graphics are some-more 90s than 80s

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