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Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has started now

Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has started now
Star Wars: Battlefront II – redeem your code (and the prequels)

The beta for EA’s new Star Wars diversion is prepared to download now for those that pre-ordered, as footage of new planets leaks.

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Begun, the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has. As of 9am today, if you pre-ordered the diversion you will have been sent a code by EA that allows you to get stuck into the beta two days before anyone else.

If you pre-order now you should still be means to join in early but there is a cheaper option if you have a gaming PC, as GAME are selling codes for just 10p. [Update: The understanding has now been taken off the website, apparently it was just a mistake.]

The free open beta proviso starts on Friday, Oct 6 at 9am and then ends for everybody at 5pm on Monday, Oct 9 (although betas do have a robe of carrying on a bit longer than advertised).

Unusually, there was no pre-download option, despite it being the biggest beta EA has ever had – with the PC chronicle requiring at slightest 22.8GB of tough drive space, the PlayStation 4 15.3GB, and the Xbox One 13.2GB.

Like many betas you don’t get to play any of the story campaign but there are 4 opposite multiplayer modes, essentially the ones you will have seen in progressing previews:

Galactic Assault on Naboo. This is the customary 20 vs. 20 multiplayer, set in the city of Theed from The Phantom Menance (Battlefront II is the first to underline calm from all 3 eras of films). You can play as the Separatists (i.e. battle droids) or the Republic (clone troopers) and can use favourite characters like Rey and Darth Maul. These activate differently from the first diversion in that you earn points in sequence to transparent them, instead of picking them up as power-ups.

Strike on Takodana. This 8 vs. 8 objective-based mode is meant to show off the game’s new class-based system, and has no favourite characters. Instead you have to collect between Assault, Specialist, Heavy, and Officer classes on the side of possibly the Resistance or First Order. Takodana is the autumnal-looking universe where Maz Kanata (the little orange Yoda stand-in) from The Force Awakens lived.

Arcade on Naboo. Although Battlefront II does underline a correct story campaign you’ll also be means to play a chronicle of the multiplayer on your own or with one other player – possibly online or in split-screen internal play. You get two options in the beta: one with computer-controlled allies and another where it’s you vs. the world.

Starfighter Assault on Fondor. This is the same demo we played, and loved, at Gamescom, so we’ll be looking brazen to getting stuck into that again. It’s set during the classical epoch and has Imperials trying to urge against a Rebel attack on a shipyard and its docked Star Destroyer. The favourite ships work the same way as the characters, and embody the Millennium Falcon and Darth Maul’s Scimitar.

There will also be opposite hurdles any day, that work like in-game achievements. Today’s tasks you with personification as all 4 attack guard classes and beating a sum of 150 enemies in any mode. Each day is opposite though, so make certain you check before you start.

It’s not transparent if you get anything for beating them all but anyone who plays the beta will get a special ‘Founder’s Crate’ that includes a singular Star Card, additional credits, and a Darth Maul emote.

Battlefront II includes rob crates and microtransactions but EA promises that you can earn all in-game by just personification as normal. More importantly, the fact that there are microtransactions means that all future DLC, including calm from The Last Jedi, will be free. So it’ll be engaging to see if people accept that as a satisfactory payoff.

We’ll be personification the story campaign at an eventuality next Friday, so we’ll report back on that as shortly as we can. But if you wish a secret demeanour at other tools of the diversion a YouTuber has leaked footage of the water universe of Kamino (from Attack of the Clones) and the Emperor Palpatine favourite character.

It’s in a weird video format that we can’t hide (presumably to stop EA from holding it down), but the couple is here if you wish to watch it.

The full diversion is due to be expelled on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Nov 17.

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