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Get 3 months of PS Plus free with a 1-year subscription

Get 3 months of PS Plus free with a 1-year subscription
Will you be holding up Sony’s assent offering?

Sony competence be lifting the cost of PS Plus, but if you buy a year’s subscription in Aug you can get 15 months instead of 12.

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From the finish of this month a year’s subscription to PS Plus is going to cost an additional £10 in the UK, which is not something that went down very good with PlayStation 4 owners when it was announced last month.

Sony still hasn’t pronounced because there’s going to be a cost rise, and they substantially never will, but they have at slightest offering a bonus for many of the rest of the month.

So if you buy a 12-month subscription anytime between now and 10am on Aug 29 then you’ll get 3 additional months for free.

For the generation of the offer a year’s subscription will be £39.99, before it goes up to £49.99 on Aug 31.

Subscriptions work consecutively, so even if you’ve only just bought a subscription you can buy another one and just supplement on the additional months.

The understanding is clearly not some pointless offer, as the PlayStation Store page creates a approach anxiety to the cost hike.

So if you do wish to lift on using PS Plus and multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4 this is the best understanding you’re going to get for a prolonged time.

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