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Games Inbox: The problem with rob boxes, Star Wars: Battlefront II beta, and From Software’s next game

RE: Switch being a better investment than second palm Wii U. Right now we would disagree. £310 for the used Wii U (the console itself was, shipped, £215 not including the 3 new Zelda titles), Mario Kart 8, two Pro controllers, two Wii MotionPlus controllers and new Breath Of The Wild, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker is not a overwhelming discount or anything. But then the used marketplace has been overpriced for a while now, not certain because (Nintendo things binds it value very well). It’s still much better value than a Switch though.

The Switch is moulding up easily but being new, prices are high and games accessible low. The console and Breath Of The Wild is £310 at GAME, supplement £60 for a Pro Controller, another £42 for Mario Kart 8, and you’re at £412 already. You’ll be profitable top dollar for any diversion you wish for Switch so adding Super Mario Odyssey to it creates £452, and if you wish to review to the Wii U supplement £60 for another Pro Controller holding it up to £512. That still leaves it one diversion brief of the 4 comprehensive classics the Wii U came with so put £40 (probably some-more like £50 with stream Switch diversion prices) on for another Triple-A Switch diversion totalling an eye-watering £552.

The Switch looks good but right now it offers very bad value in comparison to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. All of which have a mature library of games that can be picked up for reasonable money. we consider £552 would buy you a used Wii U and every diversion worth personification on it opposite Wii U, Wii, and Virtual Console with some income left over for a bag of crisps (Discos or Squares would be the scold choice).
Simundo Jones

GC: But it’s not like the Switch is going to get cheaper in the next few years, while the Wii U positively will. And you don’t need the Pro Controllers, they’re just a luxury.

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