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Games Inbox: Monster Hunter: World verdict, Sea Of Thieves hype, and Dead Space for free

I was just really looking for some recommendation on the two Bayonetta games. I’ve examination utterly a few readers, and GC, discuss them over the years, but for some reason we have never owned or played them, generally to not having the right console at the time, etc. Now that both are out this week for the Switch we have a possibility to finally get them. They have really got me interested, generally the chronicle that comes with the first diversion too.

I was examination a gameplay video from Digital Foundry on YouTube last night, of the Switch chronicle in action, and they demeanour overwhelming and fun to play. In fact, the gameplay and fight got me meditative of God Of War (games that we love) in like a penetrate and condense sense. Is this a satisfactory comparison to make? Apologies if I’m way off there! Does GC consider they are worth the £40-50 that the games would cost together? When do you consider your examination will be up, is there any embargo on it, will it embody both games?

Also, wish to contend your examination of Shadow Of The Colossus was awesome. It desirous me to buy the game, this is another diversion we missed out on. Haven’t had the possibility to play it but will let you know my thoughts once we do.

Thanks in allege for any advice. Keep up the overwhelming work GC.
Bertie1 (PSN ID)

GC: Our examination will be up tomorrow afternoon. Although only Bayonetta 2, as Bayonetta 1 is almost matching to the Wii U chronicle – which you can examination about here. They are roughly allied to God Of War, nonetheless distant higher in terms of combat. They’re two of the favourite games ever.

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