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Fire Emblem Heroes examination – Nintendo’s new app strategy

Games review: Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendos new free app
Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS) – what a lovable little mattock murderer

Nintendo’s newest smartphone app transforms the role-playing strategy of Fire Emblem into a free-to-play game.

No-win situations are not a new problem for Nintendo, but the one involving how they cost their mobile games is generally impossible. With the new Super Mario Run they defied expectations, and their investors, by not including any microtransactions, and instead they charged a comparatively high one-off price for the whole game. To many console gamers that seemed superbly fair, but typical smartphone users deliberate it an abominable autocracy and complained that the app wasn’t ‘free’. Well, with Fire Emblem Heroes they’ve gotten their way.

Although Fire Emblem is a distant reduction good famous authorization than Super Mario, you can only suppose what it will do for Nintendo’s mobile plans if it ends up making some-more or even a identical volume of money; nonetheless Nintendo has already reliable that the Animal Crossing app will also use microtransactions. But solely in extreme cases how a diversion is paid for is still delegate to how it plays, and Fire Emblem Heroes is a very beguiling spin on the series’ strategy role-playing gameplay.

If you’re not informed with the Fire Emblem authorization it’s a sister series to Advance Wars, but despite a story stretching back the best partial of 3 decades it only became renouned in the West interjection to 3DS games Awakening and Fates. Heroes draws on the series’ whole story though, with unlockable characters appearing in the diversion even if they’re ostensible to be from hundreds of years in the past. Nobody but hardcore Fire Emblem fans are going to caring about that, but the locate ‘em all mania this inspires is one of the categorical draws of the game.

The ubiquitous structure of normal Fire Emblem titles involves a lot of role-playing impression cut scenes and preparation, before going on to battle on over 2D maps. Heroes has to compress all that down to something some-more infrequent accessible though, and so there’s very little correct storytelling. But the preliminary before a battle is still undeniably important, as summoning and levelling up characters is the pivotal to success; as is selecting the right four-person group for any fight.

In sequence to start a battle your characters need stamina, which is recovered at one indicate every 5 minutes. Those who don’t wish to compensate anything to play the diversion therefore risk a substantial wait between goes, which is of march a customary ploy in free-to-play mobile games. What’s also customary is that you can precipitate things up by shopping in-game banking (‘Prisma Orbs’ in this case) with genuine money.

Orbs can also be warranted by personification the game, and have a accumulation of uses over just replenishing stamina. They can also be used to upgrade your palace and fort – in sequence to benefit some-more knowledge points – and to clear new heroes. Although crucially you never know who you’re going to get, like shopping Panini stickers or blind bag toys. Doubles are useful though, as they can be used to fast turn up the same characters.

Once you get into a battle you find that it too has been simplified, with the map being limited to just an 8 x 6 rectangle and armies of only 4 units per side. That’s much smaller scale than the normal games, but given their battles can simply salary for a good half hour or some-more it’s easy to see because the change was made. As you’d expect, all the many complications of the 3DS games’ fight complement are pared down or removed, but Heroes retains the executive rock, paper, scissors impression attribute between the section forms and who is many effective against who.

Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS) - tiny battle
Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS) – tiny battle

There’s no permadeath, one of the franchise’s other famous elements, so you needn’t worry that any early mistakes are going to be punished unfairly. Each impression has their own support and pacifist skills though, and a special pierce that takes time to energy up before you can use it. So there is abyss to the game, just not as much as the 3DS titles.

As should be obvious, Fire Emblem Heroes is a concede in terms of almost every component of its gameplay and structure. That’s not indispensably a disastrous though, given the reasons for those compromises are ideally understandable; after all, you can’t design a mainstream mobile diversion to have two hour prolonged battles and cut scenes. And if you do finish up enjoying Heroes it only encourages you to go divided and play the other games as well, potentially for the first time.

That is of march one of the categorical reasons this app exists. The other reason, obviously, is to make Nintendo money, and it does that in an harmless and upfront manner. That may not sound like the biggest recommendation possible, but as a possibility to representation one of Nintendo’s reduction good famous franchises for free Fire Emblem Heroes is good worth the download.

Fire Emblem Heroes

In Short: Free-to-player Fire Emblem is flattering much accurately what you’d expect, but it’s an interesting introduction to the genuine thing.

Pros: All the classical elements of Fire Emblem are there, and the impression customisation and fight is easily concerned and very easy to collect up. Attractive artwork.

Cons: Nowhere nearby the abyss or accumulation of the unchanging games, and having to wait – or compensate – to start a new battle is apparently frustrating. Getting characters incidentally can also irritate.

Score: 7/10

Formats: iOS (reviewed) and Android
Price: Free-to-play
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Intelligent Systems and Nintendo EPD
Release Date: 2nd Feb 2017
Age Rating: 12+

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