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Final Fantasy IX, Zone Of The Enders VR, and Dragon’s Crown coming to PS4

Final Fantasy IX, Zone Of The Enders VR, and Dragons Crown coming to PS4
Final Fantasy IX – it’s back!

Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press discussion has suggested a series of new games, as good as the recover date for Monster Hunter: World.

The days of the Tokyo Game Show being a major general eventuality rivalling E3 are prolonged gone, but it’s still an critical show for Japanese publishers and there’s always at slightest a few new announcements and titbits.

The show itself doesn’t start compartment Thursday, so there may be some-more news to come from other companies then, but Sony has just held their common press discussion and suggested a series of new games. Even if a lot of them are just remasters.

PS1 favourite Final Fantasy IX is being expelled on the Japanese PlayStation Store today, nonetheless it seems to be some-more or reduction a true pier and zero on the scale of the Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil remakes (the strange versions of all 3 games had identical pre-rendered backdrops).

Update: The diversion is being combined to the UK PlayStation Store today, for £16.99. That gets you the game, a tradition theme, and eight impression avatars. As pragmatic it is somewhat some-more than just a port, and features, ‘high-definition cinema and impression models, prize support, auto-save functionality, and discretionary diversion boosters including high-speed mode and no confront mode.’

Also announced was Dragon’s Crown Pro for PlayStation 4, which will be out on Jan 25 in Japan. But as with many of these games it’s misleading if that’ll be the same for Europe.

It also seems to be flattering much the same diversion as the original release, generally given it has cross-play functionality with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions. It will run in 4K though.

Developer Vanillaware were also on theatre to promote their next diversion 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, which is now a PlayStation exclusive.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is at slightest a code new game, and is due out on Dec 7 in Japan and next year in the West. We consider many people have substantially lost faith in the series over the last several years, but this one is by WWE developer Yuke’s and not series creator Sandlot.

And while it’s not a PlayStation exclusive, the Sony press discussion was also used to announce the worldwide recover date of Monster Hunter: World, which will be coming out on Jan 26. That will embody a special book PS4 Pro console and a collector’s book and digital fine book of the game.

Perhaps the many engaging partial of the eventuality yet was how much time was spent on VR, which is a bigger understanding in Japan than many other countries.

The superstar news was that PlayStation 2 diversion Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner is being remastered for PlayStation 4 with VR support.

In Japan at slightest it’ll be renamed Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS, and will bring with it softened textures and sound, at 4K resolution. There didn’t seem to be any denote that strange creator Hideo Kojima is concerned though.

(Update: Konami UK has reliable the game’s name and that it’ll also be expelled on PC. There’s not much some-more information though, other than the existent PlayStation 3 remaster ‘forms the basement of the new edition’.)

Another name we didn’t design to see again is Sega’s Gungrave, which will be getting a new diversion on PlayStation VR. Train simulator A-Train will also be getting a VR instalment, and ARK: Survival Evolved spin-off ARK Park looks very much like Jurassic World Evolution – only in VR and but the central licence.

Finally, in non-VR news, Square Enix has announced a new diversion called Left Alive. It facilities design from Metal Gear (and Zone Of The Enders) artist Yoji Shinkawa, with help from Ghost in the Shell mech engineer Takayuki Yanase.

Considering executive Toshifumi Nabeshima is best famous for the Armored Core series we’re awaiting lots of hulk robots, which is a very good thing in the book.

You can see one of them in the trailer below, but some-more info will be suggested after in the week. The diversion is due out on PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

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