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Who Kick-started The Massive ‘Me Too’ Movement For Women

Women led by the Alyssa Milano’s singular campaign came in support of ‘Me Too’ as it trended on all social media platforms. Women embarked on the strategy in no time by not just condemning Harvey Weinstein but also combined a call of criticism against passionate assaulters on Sunday

Women came out plainly deliberating the contingency they went by with “Me too” over their statuses as singer Milano suggested the thought on Twitter on Sunday. “If you’ve been sexually tormented or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a respond to this tweet,” she wrote.

The hashtag perceived an present response from women opposite the creation who rose against passionate nuisance as it swept Twitter to show how widespread the problem was. Hours after seeing the huge ‘Me too’ Tweets, Twitter seemed with a summary in support of all those women who lifted their voices against passionate predators. ” People who have been sexually assaulted are saying #MeToo  to show how widespread the problem is,” it said.

#Me too has turn a height for all the women pity stories of passionate attack and harassment. Among those who were flooding all forms of social media platforms thanking the dauntless women who are speaking up given Sunday were Mc Gowan-Harvey Survivor and others like Monica Lewinsky, radio horde Dana Loesch and even men like Nick Jack Pappas wrote ‘MeToo’ over their timelines.

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