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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Bashed On Social Media For Racism Remarks

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Gets Bashed In Social Media For Racial Slur Against Asians

Ree Drummond, also famous as the Food Network’s “The Pioneer Woman”, has left viral since of her clearly trusting remarks in one of the show’s segments, that many deliberate as racist. The shred has been filmed 5 years ago but was reposted all over the internet for apparently a disastrous reason that could do some-more mistreat than good to the show. In the segment, Drummond played a pretence on her family as she served them what she called Asian prohibited wings.

Nothing wrong with the Asian prohibited wings, solely that in “The Pioneer Woman” segment, Drummond after told her husband and his friends that it was just a joke. Instead, she had in store for them a Buffalo-style wing, accurately what white people liked. One of the organisation asked where the genuine wings are, while another pronounced he did not trust how the duck looked.

“I’m just teasing guys. we wouldn’t do that to you,” Drummond of “the Pioneer Woman” said. “Now those are some wings.”

What done “The Pioneer Woman” shred worse was Drummond’s progressing narrative, according to Huffington Post. She explained that her husband desired Buffalo wings but she wanted to disaster with him by portion an Asian duck plate instead. The thought was that her husband and his friends would not like Asian wings.

The website Thick Dumpling Skin shared on Facebook and Twitter “The Pioneer Woman” shred that has placed Drummond in big trouble. This website was combined as a sounding house for the pity and contention of food and physique issues and images gifted by Asian Americans. Its editors have criticized the Food Network’s terrible diagnosis of Asian cuisine. It has also scored Drummond’s show for its hoax of Asian cuisine.

Thick Dumpling Skin founders Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen called Drummond’s attention, according to AOL. They deliberate that shred of “The Pioneer Woman” racially insensitive. Lee and Chen forked out that the Food Network and radio in general, do not have any cook who is authentically Asian. Twitter users criticized Drummond’s descent comments.

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