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Sandra Bullock Husband: Is She Engaged, Eloping With Boyfriend Bryan Randall?

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall are reportedly prepared to tie the knot.

According to a new report, the couple is utterly critical about their attribute and after moving in together in Los Angeles, they could be formulation to elope.

“The live together [in LA], and Bryan is like a father to Sandra’s kids,” a source told Life Style magazine on Sep 27 of the actress’ two children, Louis, 7, and Laila, 5.

Randall, a indication incited photographer, has reportedly been prepared to contend “I do” for some time but Bullock, who endured a disorderly separate from first husband Jesse James years ago, was wavering at first. Now, however, the source explained, the singer has come around to the thought of matrimony after dating Randall for about two years.

“They both contend that when they get married, they’ll elope,” the source said.

According to the report, Bullock and Randall are now looking into towns in France for their intensity quicky wedding, which will reportedly embody a very tiny organisation of friends and family, including the couple’s children.

In addition, Bullock and Randall are deliberation welcoming a child of their own.

“Sandra and Bryan have talked about adopting a child together,” suggested the source. “[Bryan is] all for it!”

Bullock and Randall changed in together one year ago and during an talk with People repository in Dec 2015, Bullock pronounced that her family is complete.

“I have no thought what a ‘traditional family’ looks like anymore,” she pronounced at the time. “If a normal home is one that is filled with lots of adore and poop jokes, no sleep, report books filled with some-more kids’ social events than adults’ and lots of yelling over who overwhelmed who first…then we have a very normal family.”

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