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Molly Shannon Defends Sarah Jessica Parker Amid Kim Cattrall Feud

Over the weekend, the play between former Sex and the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattraill reached a hot point. After Parker tweeted her condolences to Cattrall, whose hermit was recently found dead, Cattrall bashed Parker’s remarks, accusing her of trying to “exploit” her brother’s death.

Since then, Parker hasn’t done any serve attempts to strech out to Cattrall and the argument between the two ladies seemed to be reignited.

While many still assume as to where this loathing stemmed from, one person is coming to the invulnerability of Parker, Saturday Night Live alum Molly Shannon.

Shannon Defends Parker 

During the New York Fasion Week, Shannon was asked by Entertainment Tonight about her thoughts on Cattrall’s oppressive remarks towards Parker. Shannon certified that she wasn’t following the play between to the two, however, she hadn’t zero but good things to contend about Parker. 

“For me, Sarah is just so understanding and so smashing and we just get along so well…. It doesn’t really feel like work since we have so much in common, and she loves humorous women and is just so honestly understanding and kind, and like a girls-girl. we just feel propitious that we get to work with her,” Shannon stated.

Shannon went on to state that she is “elated” to work with Parker on the HBO show, Divorce. The Superstar singer portrays Diane, Frances’s (Parker) restless friend. 

Parker’s Heartbreak 

Though one of Parker’s co-stars has come to her aid, it hasn’t stopped the pain she’s allegedly feeling at the moment. Reportedly, the Footloose singer is “heartbroken” over Cattrall’s diss. 

Cattrall and Parker’s issues began when reports came out that Cattrall was the reason for Sex and the City 3 being axed. After it was reliable by Parker, many began to indicate the censure at Cattrall who allegedly had diva-like demands.

Cattrall denied these claims and even went as distant as observant that she and her former co-stars “were never friends.” Parker was left ravaged by the remarks as good and claimed that she “didn’t remember” their time together on set as Cattrall did. After Cattrall’s brother, Chris, was found dead, Parker and Cynthia Nixon reached out to Cattrall around social media.

Cattrall did appreciate her former SATC costars for their well-wishes but then incited around and called Parker out in another Instagram post.

Cattrall portrayed Samantha Jones while Parker portrayed Carrie Bradshaw on the iconic HBO series from deteriorate 1 to 6. The actresses reprised their roles in the Sex and the City films

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