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Mel B Kids: Stephen Belafonte Child Custody Request Denied After Nanny Scandal [VIDEO]

Mel B’s disorderly apart from Stephen Belafonte continues to make headlines as the former Spice Girl tends to her judging role on America’s Got Talent.

According to a new report, Belafonte recently became angry by photographers who were holding photos of himself and his daughter during their monitored visitation sessions.

However, while he attempted to have a judge change the plcae of his visits, his ask has been incited down.

“The judge motionless to keep things standing quo after Mel B’s disloyal husband forked out photos of their 5-year-old daughter, Madison, hiding her face. Belafonte’s profession pronounced the pics were taken outward the building where he meets Madison,” TMZ explained to readers on Monday.

As TMZ revealed, the judge on the case didn’t feel that the child was being spoiled by the paparazzi courtesy and remarkable that if there were some-more photographers involved, his decision may have been different.

Since bursting from Mel B progressing this year, Belafonte has reportedly been vital with friends as he struggles to support his lifestyle.

“Later this month, another conference is set where Belafonte will try to convince the judge he needs emergency wedding support,” TMZ added.

In further to her daughter with Belafonte, Mel B is also mom to 18-year-old Phoenix Chi Gulzar from her prior attribute with former dancer, Jimmy Gulzar, and to 10-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown from her past intrigue with actor, Eddie Murphy.

As fans may recall, a nanny liaison erupted shortly after Mel B apart from Belafonte and in the months that followed their breakup, sum per an allegedly passionate attribute between the ex-couple and their former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, surfaced.

According to a apart TMZ report shared in May, Mel B claimed Belafonte and Gilles had an event that resulted in Gilles getting pregnant, but according to Gilles, there was no event or pregnancy.

Instead, she claimed, she and Mel B were enchanting in three-ways with Belafonte for 7 years.


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