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‘Life Of Kylie’ Episodes: Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Friendship On The Rocks

It looks like Jordyn Woods has had adequate of putting some things on hold for her BFF Kylie Jenner in the teaser for the new part of E!’s Life of Kylie.

In the clip the network expelled Friday, Jordyn certified she was getting a bit overwhelmed.

“I just feel bad observant no to doing things since we really only have any other,” Jordyn admitted. “I don’t wish you out here doing things by yourself – that’s not fun. It’s tough for me to find the change in my life.”

As for Kylie, she seemed some-more endangered about Jordyn not being means to tab along with her for certain events and appearances.

“I do feel like we do a lot of [stuff] by myself,” Kylie explained. But Jordyn didn’t let her get too distant before she chimed back in to give some-more of her thoughts.

“In Miami was we ostensible to just lay in my room and wait until you guys are prepared to go?” Jordyn challenged Kylie.

But Kylie had a come-back for her.

“I was doing my makeup…I was going to go in your room and do my makeup with you and get prepared and we were gonna leave. It was just a miscommunication. we never force you to do anything. I’ve always been the ‘stan’ for you, like always do what you want. Don’t make me seem like I’m forcing you to do [stuff].”

Jordyn apparently did like the instruction the discuss was going.

“That’s not what this review is about,” she said. “I don’t wish you to feel like we am observant you’re boring me to these places since it’s all me. Even being around you we feel pressured. Not from you.”

Kylie explained, “We should all essay to be great,” before Jordyn added, “I need to be the best me we can be and you help me turn the best me we can be.”

Well that de-escalated quickly.

Check out the full clip below.

The deteriorate culmination of Life of Kylie front Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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