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Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Fiancé David Otunga Is Cleared Of Domestic Violence Charges

In Nov 2017, Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson accused her fiancé, David Otunga, of domestic abuse.

Hudson settled that while she was at a recording event in Chicago with her son, David Jr., Otunga done a series of phone calls to strech her. When he couldn’t get in hold with her, he asked their son to record the scene.

The thespian says that Otunga wanted their son to send him explanation that she was dating one of her producers, which Hudson denied.

The Golden Globe winner claims that once she got home, Otunga grabbed their son by the palm and pushed her out of their bedroom. The thespian also settled that her makeup artist and partner witnessed the incident.

In authorised documents, Hudson has also explained that Otunga left a gun and holster on their kitchen opposite to taunt and dominate her.

“David knows that we am and have been very supportive to firearms after my mom and my hermit were murdered by a firearm,” Hudson said. Otunga pronounced it was a film prop.

Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé, David Otunga and their son, David Otunga Jr. attend the 2016 Mar of Dimes Celebration of Babies on Dec. 9, 2016.

Hudson And Otunga’s Downward Spiral

Due to the purported attack incident, the “I Still Love You” thespian has settled that she is fearful of Otunga and was vital in fear when the part occurred.

She claims David has exhibited “aggressive, melancholy and badgering function toward me.”

“I am now vital in fear of serve movement David competence take,” she said.

Her fear has caused to her find an sequence of insurance against the actor and done cops mislay him from their home. According to PEOPLE, the American Idol alum, settled that her decision to find protecting sequence was in the best seductiveness of their son.

According to TMZ, a year after the occurrence occurred, police in Burr Ridge, Illinois, have finished their investigation, and Otunga will not be charged for domestic violence.

The couple began dating in Nov 2008, and the counsel motionless to cocktail the doubt only a few months after dating. In Nov 2013, rumors flush that the couple was secretly married after Otunga was seen wearing a marriage rope on his ring finger. After 4 years of being engaged, Hudson and Otunga motionless to end their relationship.

Neither Hudson or Otunga have expelled an central matter in courtesy to the case. On Thursday, Otunga took to his Instagram to share a quote by Gandhi that says, “Truth is by inlet self-evident. As shortly as you mislay the cobwebs of stupidity that approximate it, it shines clear.”

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