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‘Accidents happen’: Paparazzo run over by Justin Bieber speaks out and calls the star a ‘good kid’

'Accidents happen': Man run over by Justin Bieber calls the star a 'good kid'
The brew reckons that Bieber’s automobile competence be a bit big for him. (Picture: GAMR / BACKGRID)

The #blessed paparazzi who was run over by Justin Bieber this week has shared a video refurbish on his recovery, and he’s surprisingly chill about the whole thing.

Living fundamentally every fan girl’s dream, Maurice Lamont was ploughed down by the singer’s hulk lorry on Wednesday, with Biebs behind the circle pushing very solemnly at the time.

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The photographer took to Instagram on Thursday to share his swell with the world, and while he’s been resting up given getting knocked to the ground, he’s quietly insisted that ‘accidents happen’.

Justin Bieber hits photographer outward church
Justin was discerning to bound out and check in with the photographer after knocking him down. (Picture: GAMR/Backgrid)

Lamont was station in the wrong place at the wrong time (y’know, like in front of a moving car), when Justin attempted to leave his Hillsong eremite assembly in LA.

A day after and the detrimental paparazzi filmed himself being wheeled around on a hospital bed, explaining: ‘Hours before my birthday hits, we get ran over by Justin Bieber. Isn’t that something?’

Responding quietly with 0 discuss of lawsuits, Lamont said: ‘He’s a good child though. we consider the lorry is a little big for him. ‘Cause there is no way he could see over the front.’

Following the accident, Biebs was discerning to bound out of the automobile to check that he hadn’t finished any damage, which the photographer went on to credit him for.


A post shared by Maurice Lamont (@shotgetter) on Jul 27, 2017 at 4:17am PDT

‘He got out, he was compassionate, he was a good kid. Accidents happen,’ he told the camera, before adding that he was on his way for precautionary x-rays.

It seems as yet  Bieber competence be going by a severe patch in his personal life at the moment.

He left fans ravaged this week when it was announced that he’d be cancelling the rest of his Purpose World Tour at brief notice due to ‘unforseen circumstances’.

A source told E! News that the star’s spirituality competence also have played a partial in him stepping back, claiming: ‘Justin’s really finished some essence acid newly but it was his own decision to cancel the tour. It’s been chaotic and that ‘rock star’ life doesn’t brew anymore with the life he wants to live.’

Having constantly achieved at over 150 shows given Mar 2016, we’d contend it’s substantially time to give Biebs a break.

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