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THE BLOCKCHAIN REPORT: Why the record behind Bitcoin is seeing widespread investment and early focus opposite the financial industry

BI Intelligence Blockchain technology, which is best famous for powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is gaining steam among financial firms because of its potential to streamline processes and boost efficiency. The record could cut costs by up to $20 billion annually by 2022, according to Santander. That’s since blockchain, which operates as …

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11 skills you can learn in a week that will stir just about anyone

A aspirant solves a Rubik’s brick using one palm during the Rubik’s Cube European Championship in Prague.Thomson Reuters In his 2013 TEDx Talk, “The first 20 hours,” author and business consultant Josh Kaufman busts the parable that training new skills takes a lot of time. Proficiency, Kaufman says, is really …

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