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Bionic penis activates with a remote control

Kind of like this (Picture: MailOnline) Many men knowledge erectile dysfunction at some indicate in their lives, either it comes from celebration too much, highlight or simply getting older. But in another step closer towards humans apropos cyborgs, scientists have come up with an invention that could do divided with …

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Should Peer Review Catch Fraud?

Is it the pursuit of counterpart reviewers to detect systematic fraud? I’ve been introspective this doubt for a while but newly my seductiveness was sparked by the case of a retracted cancer biology paper in the high-profile biography Nature Cell Biology. Written by Taiwanese researchers Shih-Ting Cha et al., the essay …

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Magnetic moments

A CLASSIC examination beloved of scientifically disposed children is to cover a magnet with a piece of paper and shower iron filings onto the paper. This reveals the margin lines that bond the magnet’s north and south poles. Try something identical with some of the new forms of magnets now …

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Not so waste sea in the sky

A good hole in Pluto IS THE solar complement about to get another ocean? So far, besides Earth, 6 bodies are famous or suspected to gulf oceans. These are Europa, Callisto and Ganymede (all moons of Jupiter), Enceladus and Titan (both moons of Saturn) and Triton (a moon of Neptune). …

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Where’s the catch?

ABOUT 90% of the world’s fish bonds are being fished possibly to their extent or over it. Monitoring fish numbers reliably, though, is no easy matter. Official locate information are mostly deficient and infrequently untrustworthy. Moreover, vast tracts of the sea are not monitored at all. In sequence to know …

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