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3 ways to boost medical supply sequence assets and efficiencies

Getty Images The Affordable Care Act has had a large outcome on the US medical industry. Consumers wish their medical insurers to branch increases in premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. And these demands, along with increasing enrollment, additional regulatory compliance, and tighter handling budgets have all combined to the vigour on …

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12 cloud computing skills worth over $113,000 a year salary

MasaIsrael/Flickr Cloud computing is eating the tech industry. And that means that developers with cloud computing skills are in high demand. An focus cloud company called NovelAspect wanted to know which applications were many in demand. It collected pursuit listings from jobs site Indeed on the 50 many populous U.S. cities and then …

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The founder of the temperament burglary impediment company Symantec bought reportedly had his temperament stolen 13 times (SYMC, LOCK)

Cybersecurity hulk Symantec announced plans to buy identity insurance company LifeLock for $2.3 billion over the weekend.  At some-more than 3x its 2012 IPO valuation, it’s a plain outcome for a company with some troubles in its past: A former LifeLock CEO reportedly had his temperament stolen 13 times after a selling attempt …

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An desirous software-security company just done a $2.3 billion understanding in another instance of the frenzy that’s unconditional the tech attention (SYMC, LOCK)

Universidad de Alicante/Javier Lorenzo The computer-security company Symantec is shopping LifeLock, an identity-theft-protection company, for $24 a share, or about $2.3 billion. The understanding will create the world’s largest consumer “digital reserve platform,” the two companies said, and is approaching to close next quarter. Symantec will financial the understanding with …

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