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Isis terror plots for UK detected during Mosul offensive

The terror plans were detected during the Mosul descent (Picture: EPA) Coalition forces have detected thousands of plots by Isis to attack Europe. The plans were unearthed when the militant organisation was driven out of Manbij, northern Syria, in August, during the descent to retake Mosul. Major General Rupert Jones, Britain’s …

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Ohio State assailant named as Somali college student

From the archives: Ohio State assailant featured in ‘Humans of Ohio State’ https://t.co/OjucYxXcZo pic.twitter.com/0BSYW9Vy81 — The Lantern (@TheLantern) November 28, 2016 A college tyro from Somalia has been identified as the man who went on a stabbing uproar at Ohio State University. Abdul Razak Ali Artan was shot passed by …

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Law tyro banned from category ‘because her dress is too short’

A womanlike tyro wasn’t allowed into category since her dress was apparently ‘too short’. Joaninne Nanyange, who studies law, in Kampala, Uganda, pronounced she was banned from entering her faculty because her outfit would confuse men and boys. In a Facebook post, where she published a photo of her skirt, she combined …

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Great Barrier Reef suffers misfortune coral die-off ever recorded

It loses its colour (Picture: Reuters) The Great Barrier Reef is suffering. Coral has died off in record proportions this year, with two thirds of the northern embankment now destroyed. Climate rejection ‘will be Donald Trump’s central policy’ Warm seas around the reed in Australia have ‘cooked’ the coral, heading …

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Man fined for giving out free hugs

Tommy Boucher was given a $101 excellent (Picture: Tommy Boucher) How good is it when you see someone promotion ‘free hugs’ in public? You always get that warm, hairy heat as you walk around them while avoiding eye contact. How nice. But one man’s efforts were not appreciated by the …

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