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Stunned surgeons find 263 coins in man’s stomach

Surgeons treating a man with suspected food poisoning were dumbfounded to learn 263 coins and 100 nails in his stomach (Picture: SWNS) A man who replete himself on coins and steel objects was rumbled when surgeons checked his stomach and found 7kg of metal. The 35-year-old had kept his weird …

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Brothers ‘haunted’ by devil of prior tenant

It competence be time they changed out (Picture: Mercury) A man claims his family is being condemned by the spook of an old lady after he held her on camera in his brother’s house. When Luke Jackson got up for a cigarette in the center of the night, he pronounced …

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Where do spiders go in the winter and how do they survive?

How do spiders tarry the winter? (Picture: Getty) Ever consternation where spiders go in the winter? Do they die? Do they hibernate? Do they just censor somewhere – some-more privately in your house? As spiders are cold blooded, spider eggs can’t tarry being frozen, so these arachnids have come up …

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Is this the misfortune airline food ever?

Does anyone know what this is? (Picture: Jam Press) We all know that airline food can be flattering awful. From overcooked rubbery eggs to dry duck and questionable looking sauces, craft food isn’t famous for its quality. It could be down to the fact that dishes are part-cooked before take …

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Would you eat insect bread if we betrothed it was good for you?

Mmm, protein (Picture: Reuters) A company in Finland has started mass producing bread done of insects. Each fritter contains about 70 dusty crickets, giving an additional punch of fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Don’t worry, they’re not stuck in there like raisins but are instead belligerent into powder and …

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Church of Sweden backs devise to make God gender neutral

The Evangelical Lutheran church is updating its text (Picture: PA) The Church of Sweden has urged its preaching to use gender-neutral denunciation when referring to the autarchic deity, refraining from using terms like ‘Lord’ and ‘He’ in foster of the reduction specific ‘God’. The pierce is one of several taken …

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