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Anyone that says these flip flops are white and bullion is a liar

Please, not again (Twitter/‏@naosejatrouxa) Oh no. Not again. Trump’s pledges will be prevented by, well, reality, says Obama Just like The Dress before them, these flip-flops are going to give you a large flipping headache. Images of the sandals have left viral because, nonetheless again, nobody can determine on what …

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Guy cooking 3lb sticking worm in under 8 minutes

What are the stipulations of rival eating? Stomach capacity? Gag reflex? Intelligence or judicious thinking? Perhaps you should ask Matt Stonie, who can sneer down an whole 3lb sticking worm in reduction than eight minutes. Rather you than me tbh (Picture: Matt Stonie) More: Weird People are digging a hulk …

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Someone’s seen a ‘Yeti’ on the highway in the Urals

The ‘yeti’ was speckled using opposite a highway in Russia (Picture: NTV) Apart from the peculiar dodgy bit of footage or brute picture, no one has ever come up with decisive explanation that they’ve seen a Yeti. So we’ll let you motionless either this dashcam video shot in the Ural …

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Could you give a amatory home to this surprising pet?

It substantially isn’t very cuddly yet (Picture: People’s Daily) This little cutie just wants to be loved. An darling animal that would make a very engaging pet, all it needs is a amatory home. Brave three-year-old keeps her cold in lovable 999 call But if you’re looking for a pet …

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