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Pagan clergyman wins right to wear horns in his pushing permit photo

And it’s glorious (Picture: Facebook/Phelan MoonSong) A non-believer clergyman is celebrating being given permission to wear his eremite headgear in his new pushing permit photo. Phelan MoonSong’s code new permit facilities a picture of him sporting his outrageous horns, which he wears for eremite reasons. Men dramatically overreach the distance of …

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Men dramatically overreach the distance of their penises

Bless (Picture: Shutterstock) It’s not the distance of the ship but the suit of the sea – but that doesn’t stop some men claiming their tugboat is some-more of a Titanic. Illustrating that, someone has left by studies and compared the disproportion between what men pronounced about their own penises, …

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Man receives Theresa May’s post by accident

It clearly says the letter’s for Theresa May (Picture: PA) One is a groundwork prosaic in north London, the other is among the many famous addresses in the country, its black doorway – and arch ancient – instantly recognizable to millions. So it came as utterly a warn to record …

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Mum gutted after grouping balderdash Christmas tree from Argos

Not the many gratifying tree (Picture: Fortitude Press) This unhappy little Christmas tree was not what a silent had in mind for her baby daughter’s first Christmas. Zoe McAllister, 22, bought it from Argos in Wantage, Oxfordshire – but the £18 tree didn’t accurately compare the one advertised on the box. …

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Captive kangaroo fights back against its trainers live on TV

Killer Willard did not conclude being cumulative up (Picture: WKYC Channel 3/YouTube) This clip competence finally explain the start of the bitter, long-running argument between man and kangaroo. If you were one of the millions of people confused by footage of an Australian man punching a kangaroo in the face, …

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Gnomes private from devious for their own safety

Controversial (Picture: SWNS) Blue gnomes at the centre of a five-year quarrel have finally been private from a devious after they were regularly and brutally attacked. The ornaments, which were any around three-feet-high, were commissioned in 2011 in an try to lighten up what is a rather lifeless highway connection …

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