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11 of the best books you can review in a week

Page count: 124 Amazon description: “Manor Farm is like any other English farm, design for a inebriated owner, Mr Jones, amateurish workers and oppressed animals. Fed up with the stupidity of their human masters, the animals arise up in rebellion and take over the farm. Led by intellectually higher pigs …

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The oldest tailor on Savile Row says these are all the things men do wrong when shopping and wearing a fit — and getting it right can make a disproportion in a pursuit interview

Supermodel David Gandy is one of Henry Poole’s customers. Henry Poole Co Savile Row tailor Henry Poole Co has dressed clients including former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the Queen, and supermodel David Gandy. Managing executive Simon Cundey told Business Insider there are a series of mistakes men make when …

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8 things people contend that sound nice, but aren’t

You competence be wondering because your smart, attractive, humorous crony hasn’t managed to land a partner. But asking them “How are you still single?” won’t give you the answer, according to dating consultant Erika Ettin. “To start, this doubt is a back-handed enrich at its finest, with undertones of ‘What’s …

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