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Man chokes family dog to death after it bit his arm

John Green, from Grimsby, has told how he was forced to throttle his beloved dog to death after it went berserk on Christmas Day and started ripping his arm ‘to pieces’ (Picture: News team) A man was forced to throttle his own dog to death after it ripped his arm …

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When is Twelfth Night and what does it mean?

(Picture: Getty) In the past, Christmas wasn’t just a one-day jubilee – people kept on going for 12 days. Festivities began on Christmas Eve, and kept going until the Epiphany. Unfortunately, this tradition finished in the 19th century, but it’s still deliberate detrimental to keep your tree up past the …

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Here are all of the best news cock ups of 2016

Er (Picture: BBC/Twitter) This year has been a bit… well, hit and miss. What with Brexit, Donald Trump, terror attacks, polite war, famine, luminary deaths and Harambe, this year has been one prolonged disaster. But at least, amidst the chaos and confusion, we could rest on one thing to hearten …

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The Queen may be too ill to attend church on New Year’s Day

The Queen has been struck down with a nasty cold over Christmas (Picture: Getty) The Queen will confirm tomorrow if she feels good adequate to attend a New Year’s Day church service. Her sovereignty and Prince Philip have both been indisposed over the Christmas duration with what a Buckingham Palace …

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Driver who gave police feign names for 5 speeding fines jailed

Mohammed Saber has been jailed after fibbing over speeding tickets (Picture: SWNS) A fibbing motorist who gave police feign names to equivocate 5 speeding tickets has been jailed. Mohammed Saber, 51, was clocked at 62mph on a 50mph widen of the M1 in Bedfordshire in Nov 2013 and then at …

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Ukip bluster to hurt 2017 for all of us

Ukip personality Paul Nuttall just busted New Year for everybody (Picture: REX/Shutterstock) If you’re attack the city tonight to contend good elimination to 2016 and looking to 2017 with renewed hope, you competence wish to stop reading on. Ukip leader Paul Nuttall just warned Brits that 2017 will be an ‘even larger shake than 2016’. Prepare yourself …

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