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There’s a tiny boarding school in Vermont where students work on a dairy plantation and can live in cabins but electricity — and it constructed one of the many successful billionaires in Silicon Valley

Students must finish 6 work mandate for graduation.Jeff Woodward The Putney School, located in southern Vermont, is tiny and located on a dairy farm. The 238 students there must work on the plantation and in other jobs to graduate. They don’t learn their grades until median by high school.  Reid …

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Everyday phrases that even smart people contend incorrectly

Here are 12 bland phrases you competence be observant incorrectly:   Incorrect: we could caring less Correct: we couldn’t caring less   Incorrect: One in the same Correct: One and the same   Incorrect: On accident Correct: By accident   Incorrect: Wreck havoc Correct: Wreak havoc   Incorrect: For all …

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Tech billionaires sank $170 million into a new kind of school — now classrooms are timorous and some relatives contend their kids are ‘guinea pigs’

Melia Robinson/Business Insider A new kind of school crafted by the minds and wallets of Silicon Valley influencers is struggling to keep parents happy and students in seats. AltSchool shuttered some-more than half of the schools it’s non-stop given 2013. Parents of former and stream students at AltSchool told Business …

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The billionaire founder of LinkedIn attended a on-going Vermont boarding school that skipped AP classes in preference of carpentry and blacksmithing

Reid Hoffman attended Putney High School. Courtesy of Reid Hoffman Billionaire financier and LinkedIn cofounder credits partial of his success to his surprising high school preparation in Vermont. At the Putney School, primer labor is taken as seriously as educational work. Hoffman struggled socially, but schooled to approach life outward …

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A startling series of doctors were undergrad English majors — and it’s not just about GPA

English is the seventh-most renouned undergraduate major for doctors. Shutterstock English majors are surprisingly well-represented in US medical schools. They enroll in med schools at larger rates than margin coming from scholarship backgrounds. And it’s not necessarily the case that English is easier than biology or chemistry. There’s a decent possibility your …

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