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13 cacti that infer sex isn’t dead

(Picture: durkadurkadur/Reddit) For a lot of people, it hasn’t been a very sexually arousing year. Why I’d rather be ghosted So if you’ve lost all passionate wish and even the pink emoji no longer causes a stir in your underwear, all is not lost. Meet these cacti still full of amorous confidence …

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Bad Sex in Fiction endowment 2016: The cringiest sex scenes in books

(Picture: Getty) If you haven’t listened of the Bad Sex in Fiction esteem before, you’re in for a treat. Sure, you may have read Fifty Shades of Grey and been left confusingly worried despite Anastasia Steele’s steady references to her vagina as her ‘sex’. Why I’d rather be ghosted But that’s substantially since author EL …

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15 reasons a games console is better than a girlfriend

Many a console intrigue has outlasted a customary intrigue (Picture: Getty) In my opinion, there are 15 reasons because a games console is better than a girlfriend. A console is 100% the ideal deputy for a woman. We all know that when you go to the family marriage as a …

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Is it ever fine to feign an orgasm?

Is it fine to feign an orgasm? (Picture: Getty) Ah, the womanlike orgasm. A materialisation so formidable that it’s been treacherous amiability given the emergence of time. From being actively disheartened to being used as a diagnosis for ‘hysteria’, we’ve finished a good pursuit of making coming bloody complicated. Why I’d …

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34 signs that you and your partner are still madly in love

Looking your best takes a back chair after a while (Picture: Mmuffin / Metro.co.uk) You meet. You tumble in love. You get married. Your life is all hearts and flowers… Then you have kids and the s*** gets real. The candlelit dinners and nights of passion have taken a back chair …

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