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The first sex fondle saved on Kickstarter has launched

(Picture: Dame Products/Kickstarter) Crowdfunding has been a good force for good in this world. It’s enabled people to fund obligatory medical care. To tell books. To fund their degrees. Why I’d rather be ghosted And now, for the first time in its history, Kickstarter is hosting a campaign for a …

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OK, it’s time to stop bashing the preventive pill

Like all else, the tablet has had a severe 2016. Last week an ‘adviser’ to the Polish supervision claimed that preventive pills means ‘sex addiction’. Earlier this year they were found to have caused a fatal blood clot in a woman who had only been holding them for 25 days. Why …

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This app will stop you betimes ejaculating, so that’s nice

We’ve all been there (Image: Giphy) The way the universe is going, figure changeable lizards will be statute it by Christmas, so we reckon you should fist in as much sex as you can. Just in case. Why I’d rather be ghosted Now, everybody likes to make out they’re having flattering …

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