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20 million American kids don’t get optimal health care

The kids aren’t all right. Even yet some-more children than ever are covered by a health insurance program, one in 4 still lacks full entrance to essential primary and delegate health services, according to a sobering new study by the Children’s Health Fund (CHF), a non-profit formed in New York …

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Sabra recalls hummus over Listeria concerns again

Talk about a re-pita-fender. For the second time in as many years, hummus purveyor Sabra has willingly removed some of its products over concerns of Listeria contamination. “We are unhappy to share the news of a intentional remember with the Sabra village today,” review a matter Saturday from CEO Shali …

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4 reasons because Obamacare is a code failure

I’m mad. No, seriously. Before Obamacare we had health insurance that — while dear — we liked, and met my needs. Sure, we had to compensate out of pocket for my mammograms, but we could see the doctors we wanted, when we wanted, and knew that in case of any …

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This is what creates thunderstorm asthma so deadly

A thunderstorm sparked an conflict of serious asthma attacks opposite Australia on Monday that killed 4 people and sent hundreds some-more to emergency rooms. The shout triggered respiratory difficulty in even people with milder allergies. “It felt like an elephant had his foot on my chest for about 4 hours,” …

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What to know if you’re deliberation a cosmetic medicine vacation

The captivate of Miami as a vacation end and the flourishing recognition of Brazilian boundary rises draw cosmetic medicine tourists from all over. Yet leaders in Florida’s plastic medicine attention told the Daily News that anyone deliberation the outing should demeanour into just who is behaving their surgeries. “There’s a …

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Woman’s death after boundary lift in Miami a cautionary story

Heather Meadows’ cosmetic medicine vacation incited into a tragedy. The 29-year-old mom of two from West Virginia and her lifelong crony Amanda Rogers had trafficked to Miami in May to get Brazilian boundary lifts. Staff at a Miami-Dade bureau then famous as Encore Plastic Surgery rushed Rogers out of her …

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