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Quorn launches two new vegan sandwich slices

Get in my lunch box (Picture: Quorn) When you’re veggie, Quorn are the comprehensive queens of your fridge freezer (along with ya girl Linda, of course). But when you transition to vegan? Oh boy. Most of your favourite treats are out. Most Quorn products enclose egg white, which is unhappy …

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No Cadbury, you can’t sell Freddos for 99p

(Picture: bridiepjones/Twitter) I know we sound a thousand years old, but back in my day, Freddos were only 10p – the legitimate price. So you can suppose the healthy outrage that I, along with all the 90s kids who grew up chomping on the frog-shaped treat, when the diminutive chocolate …

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Tesco launches epic new operation of plant-based meals

Yum yum, get in my tum (Picture: Tesco, Getty) The last year or so has seen veganism kindly flesh its way into the mainstream. Consumer direct has pushed a garland of major outlets to start charity up plant-based options – Pret has been heading the way in vegan ‘grab and go’ …

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Domino’s launches 3 new cheesy vegan pizzas in Australia

This looks like a good conditions (Picture: Domino’s) It’s a good time to be vegan in the UK. We’ve got vegan kebabs, vegan boiled chicken, and a engorgement of dairy-free divert being charity in coffee shop chains. Hell, just today, supermarket hulk Tesco launched a code new plant-based operation featuring loads …

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