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Kylie Jenner just announced the death of Snapchat (SNAP)

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Huffington Post Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest influencers on Snapchat. But now she says it “is so sad” that nobody opens the app anymore. Snapchat may have just lost a very successful user. Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, tweeted on Wednesday …

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Roku’s CEO explains because he hasn’t been dejected by giants like Apple and Amazon — and because a visitor can conquer the streaming TV marketplace (ROKU)

Roku CEO Anthony Wood. Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Roku, the streaming TV height company, competes with giants like Apple and Amazon. But even yet those big tech companies have identical gadgets, Roku continues to thrive. Roku CEO Anthony Wood attributed the company’s success to a accumulation of factors like its higher …

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Cape Town is fighting its ‘Day Zero’ water predicament with an manuscript of 2-minute songs to help people take quicker showers

The trademark of Cape Town’s “2-minute Shower Songs” album. Sanlam/YouTube Cape Town, South Africa, is at risk of using out of water. The supervision has imposed serious restrictions to preserve reserve — including recommending showers that last just 2 minutes. Famous South African artists are trying to help, by recording …

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McDonald’s is bringing Szechuan salsa back to every plcae opposite the US after mad ‘Rick and Morty’ fans rioted (MCD)

McDonald’s Szechuan sauce McDonald’s McDonald’s will start portion Szechuan McNuggets dipping salsa at all US locations on Monday, Feb 26. “Rick and Morty” fans rioted in Oct after the fast-food sequence gave divided Szechuan salsa opposite the US — and direct distant exceeded supply. Fans had demanded McDonald’s bring back …

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Jimmy Kimmel called out Donald Trump Jr. for ‘perpetuating’ swindling theories about survivors of the Florida school shooting

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” ABC Jimmy Kimmel called out Donald Trump Jr. for “perpetuating” swindling theories about one of the Florida school sharpened survivors on Wednesday night. In his monologue, Kimmel bloody far-right swindling theorists for claiming that some of the survivors were really “crisis actors” advancing a magnanimous agenda. Jimmy …

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