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Someone just paid over $600,000 for a parking mark in Hong Kong

McLaren Spyder
In case you’re keeping
track, that’s HK$5.18 million.


If you consider millennials
have it tough in the US, they really have it tough in
Hong Kong.

In the latest installment of jaw-dropping Hong Kong
skill prices, a parking mark in the Upton, a oppulance apartment
building in the Western District of Hong
Kong, recently sold for $664,000,
The New York Times reports. 

“This is fundamentally the cost of one prosaic in Hong Kong,” Lennon
Choy, an associate highbrow of genuine estate and construction at
the University of Hong Kong, told
The New York Times. 

Choy went on to contend what everybody is
thinking: “This is crazy, actually.”

The record-breaking parking mark is almost double the price
of a Hong Kong parking mark that sold for
$387,000 in 2012 and
caused utterly a stir at the time. The prior record for
many costly parking mark was $615,000 in 2016,
The New York Times reported. 

If the ‘Rich
Kids of Hong Kong’ Instagram comment is any indicator,
parking spots for oppulance cars may be quite in-demand.

There is no necessity of cars in the
photos, including a
McLaren 675LT Spider that has a starting cost of

A post shared by Richard Lau (@richard_xrx) on
May 14, 2017 at 8:31am PDT

Compared to the $664,000 parking spot, the McLaren could
almost demeanour like a steal. 

But compared to the stream median cost of a home in the US,
which is $309,200, according to the Federal
Reserve, all of it seems flattering insane.

Read the full essay at the New York Times »

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