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Traders are making outrageous bets that the Toys R Us failure will vanquish one of its categorical suppliers (MAT)

Toys R Us isn’t a open company, but its failure filing two days ago is already promulgation shockwaves by the batch market.

Feeling the feverishness is Mattel, the tradesman obliged for the extravagantly renouned Barbie and Hot Wheels brands, as good as one of Toys R Us’ many critical suppliers. The company’s batch forsaken 6% on Monday amid news that the tradesman had sought Chapter 11 failure protection, attack its lowest turn given 2009.

And traders are betting that the pain is just getting started. Short seductiveness on Mattel’s batch — a magnitude of wagers that share prices will dump — has climbed to 16% of shares outstanding, according to information gathered by IHS Markit. It has some-more than tripled given Apr and now sits at the top given Feb 2016.

And it could get even worse, with the positions held brief representing only a third of accessible shares.

That turn of brief seductiveness is “massive,” Simon Colvin, an equity and credit-markets researcher at IHS Markit, told Business Insider. “The spike in disastrous view coincides with the troubles faced by Toys R Us. The vast remaining steal pool also means that it’s still very inexpensive to brief Mattel shares.”

9 20 17 mattel brief seductiveness COTDMattel brief seductiveness as a commission of shares superb is the top given Feb 2016.Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, information from IHS Markit

The misunderstanding influenced up by the Toys R Us failure has also caused pain for the item managers obliged for holding the company private in 2005. Back then, KKR, Bain Capital, and Vornado Realty Trust acquired the fondle tradesman in a $7.5 billion leveraged buyout, and they now find their investment wiped out.

Holders of Mattel batch may find some condolence in the fact that at slightest some Toys R Us stores may sojourn open. Chapter 11 failure insurance is a way for the company to restructure and renegotiate its roughly $5 billion debt burden. Business Insider’s Kate Taylor points out that retailers such as Eddie Bauer and Aeropostale have kept stores open despite filing for bankruptcy, yet both brands did eventually close locations.

Regardless of what predestine befalls Toys R Us, Mattel would be correct to enhance its e-commerce efforts. After all, just since a brick-and-mortar establishment is descending on tough times doesn’t meant kids will stop wanting some of the world’s many renouned toys.

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