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This sequence wants to be the McDonald’s of vegan quick food — here’s what it’s like to eat there

By Chloe 6262Jessica Tyler/Business Insider

  • Eating vegan is a trend that has been flourishing quick around the world. 
  • Vegan fast-food sequence By Chloe has quick grown from a singular New York City plcae to a worldwide chain, with its first London plcae opening on Feb 6. It’s drawn comparisons to McDonald’s since of its recognition and enlargement plans. 
  • To see what the hype is all about, we went to a By Chloe grill to try some of the vegan quick food they offer.


Eating vegan is apropos some-more and some-more popular. A new Nielsen report found that 40% of American consumers are actively trying to incorporate some-more vegan dishes into their diets.

And By Chloe is trying to make the many of the trend. While it may not be “fast food” in the normal sense, By Chloe serves inexpensive vegan food in a infrequent setup with a walk-up opposite and despotic no-reservation policy. Started in 2015 by Samantha Wasser and Chloe Coscarelli (who was after suspended from the company), By Chloe has remade from a internal vegan eatery in New York City to a worldwide quick food chain, with no plans of negligence down soon.

The sequence now has 10 stores, including a new plcae in London, where another is on the way.

We are actively looking for additional general locations but are holding it one store at a time … we are very clever and conscious with any new plcae we select, and that will always be the case no matter how vast we grow,” Wasser told Business Insider.

The company takes an eco-friendly proceed to quick food by using locally sourced mixture that are 100% free of all animal products and served in recyclable packaging. The menu has a accumulation of burgers, pasta, french fries, salads, and sweets, and instead of soda, it offers pulpy juices, teas, and coffee. A “Grab Go” shelf has available salads and juices that are pre-packaged and and prepared to eat. 

The London menu is scarcely matching to the US menu, with the further of internal favorites like fish n’ chips, shepherd’s pie, and gummy toffee pudding. 

I went to the chain’s flagship plcae in New York’s West Village to see what the vegan fast-food sequence was like. Here’s what we found: 

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