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IT’S OFFICIAL: This is the iPhone X (AAPL)

announced the newest iPhone, the iPhone X, on Tuesday at its
press eventuality in Cupertino, California.

It’s conspicuous “iPhone ten.”

You can preorder it on Oct 27. It ships on
Nov 3, and it will cost $999.

iPhone X Tim CookGetty

iPHone XApple

Apple XApple


Here’s what you can pattern from Apple’s new phone:

  • It facilities a strikingly opposite pattern from its
    predecessors like the iPhone 7.
  • The iPhone X indication with 64GB of storage costs $999, or

    $49.91 per month on Apple’s upgrade program.

  • The iPhone X with 256GB of storage costs $1149, or $56.16 per
  • The screen uses a new kind of
    record called OLED.
  • Apple calls its new display “super retina.” Its screen is 5.8
    inches and 2436 x 1125 pixels.
  • Here’s how Apple explains the screen size: “The
    iPhone X display has dull corners that follow a beautiful
    winding design, and these corners are within a customary rectangle.
    When totalled as a customary rectilinear shape, the screen is 5.85
    inches diagonally (actual ocular area is less).”
  • Its battery lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7’s,
    according to Apple.
  • Its chip is called A11 Bionic. It’s a six-core complement on a
    chip with two high-performance cores, 4 high-efficiency cores,
    and a tradition Apple GPU.
  • It will come in two colors for now: space gray and silver.
  • It’s water resistant, rated IP67, which is the same turn of
    water insurgency as the iPhone 7. 
  • It runs Apple’s
    iOS handling system.
  • The iPhone X has an softened back camera. It has two
    12-megapixel sensors and an softened flash, too. Here are Apple’s


For many people, the biggest change on the iPhone X will be the
miss of a home button:

  • To arise up the phone, you daub on the screen.
  • There’s no some-more home button. “It’s a big step brazen in the
    iPhone user experience,” pronounced Phil Schiller, an Apple comparison vice
  • The iPhone will be sealed until you demeanour at it, replacing the
    fingerprint sensor.
    Apple calls it FaceID.

iPhone XApple

  • The front-facing camera has been updated with a ton of new
    record to capacitate FaceID. Apple calls it TrueDepth.

Front CameraApple

iPhone X Face IDApple

More TrueDepth camera sum from Apple:

  • The iPhone X’s A11 chip has a special partial called “neural
    engine” to run machine-learning and artificial-intelligence
  • FaceID works even if users are wearing hats, glasses, or
  • Apple says there’s only a 1-in-1-million possibility that FaceID
    can be degraded by another person.
  • The iPhone X also has emojis you control with your face and
    its front-facing camera. Apple calls them “animojis.”
  • The 3D camera will also supercharge apps like Snapchat.

The iPhone X supports wireless charging, but
Apple’s horse won’t ship until next year. Until then, you
can use concordant third-party chargers.


“No other device in the lifetimes has had the impact on the world
that the iPhone has,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “Our intention
with iPhone has always been to create something so absolute and
so immersive that the hardware probably disappears.”

Here are Apple’s central specs: 

iPhone X dimensionsApple


iPhone Display SpecsApple

iPhone camera detailsApple

Apple has some-more sum on its website. Apple also launched
two other iPhones on Tuesday: the
iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 8Apple

Here’s what Apple’s iPhone lineup looks like now:

Apple iPhone lineupApple

iPhone X Front Side Flat
The iPhone


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