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Cadillac could be the next Tesla if General Motors markets it right (GM, TSLA)

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  • General Motors could code its Cadillac as the next Tesla given the right selling ploy, Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley said.
  • The automotive company is undervalued given investors have not scrupulously gauged the intensity of Cadillac.
  • The oppulance vehicle’s biggest marketplace is China, representing an upside for General Motors’ stock.
  • You can perspective GM’s batch cost here.


General Motors could marketplace its Cadillac code as the next tolerable and high-performance electric car just like Tesla. 

With assertive marketing, the automotive company has the “potential for elemental repositioning of Cadillac as a ‘captive Tesla,'”Adam Jonas, an equity researcher at Morgan Stanley, said. The company needs to urge consumer recognition of its code and technologies, such as a future thrust complement and a subscription-based business model, he added. 

Investors have been undervaluing General Motors given Cadillac is incomparable and some-more essential than investors believe. “Discussions with investors advise a intensity “blind spot” on the strategy and gratefulness of General Motors,” Jonas wrote in a note.

Cadillac reported a sales boost of 15.5% year-to-date, as of Dec 2016. GM does not mangle down the distinction for its specific brands though.Jonas estimates that Cadillac could be worth $13 billion given the augmenting sales, which have doubled given 2010.

Cadillac’s largest marketplace is China, which accounts for over a half of GM’s global sales volume.

General Motor’s batch is up 5.93% over this year.

To review some-more about how Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise transport against any other, click here.

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