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The suspended co-founder of Hyperloop One launched a rival startup — and it plans to build a Hyperloop in just 3 years

Brogan BamBrogan, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Hyperloop Technologies, speaks at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., May 3, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson


  • Brogan BamBrogan, the former co-founder and CTO of
    Hyperloop One, sued the startup with 3 other former
    employees in 2016, claiming executives dissipated supports and
    disregarded California labor code, among other things.
  • After the lawsuit was staid in Nov 2016,
    BamBrogan and the former employees pronounced they were still
    formulation to build a Hyperloop.
  • BamBrogan and the employees concerned in that lawsuit
    have launched a rival startup, Arrivo. BamBrogan discussed
    Arrivo’s strategy with Business Insider.

Brogan BamBrogan isn’t new to the Hyperloop startup scene.

Just a year after Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk expelled a
57-page white paper surveying plans for the Hyperloop, BamBrogan
co-founded Hyperloop Technologies, which now goes by the name of
Hyperloop One.

Since its 2014 founding, Hyperloop One has done a lot of

It has broken belligerent on its growth site — a two-mile lane slated for execution in May
. The startup has sealed an agreement with the Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority to try building the high-speed movement complement between Abu Dhabi
and Dubai

Hyperloop One has also secured appropriation from DP World, the third
largest pier and depot user in the world, and is exploring
using the high-speed movement complement to ride cargo.
Altogether, Hyperloop One has cumulative $160 million in funding,
the startup claims.

But all of these milestones occurred after BamBrogan, who had
served as Hyperloop One’s arch record officer, left the
company in Jun 2016. BamBrogan, along with several other
employees, sued Hyperloop One in Jul 2016.

BamBrogan claimed in the fit that company executives misused
funds, breached their fiduciary duty, and assaulted one employee
by fixation a knot on his table seat. The lawsuit was staid in
Nov 2016 for an undisclosed amount.

Despite disjunction ties with Hyperloop One, BamBrogan is refusing
to leave the Hyperloop stage behind. BamBrogan and 3 other
former Hyperloop One employees have launched a rival startup
called Arrivo.

And BamBrogan told Business Insider the startup is aiming to have
a Hyperloop operational in just 3 years.

A three-year timeline

arrivo hyperloop team
Arrivo Hyperloop team. Picture (left to right): Andrew Liu, Knut
Sauer, Jadon Smith, Brogan BamBrogan, Nima Bahrami, William
Mulholland and David Pendergast.


In serve to having an operational Hyperloop in just three
years, BamBrogan pronounced that he also aims for his new company to be
generating income in the same time frame. 

“We do consider we can muster this record fast and are having
good conversations with people who wish that to happen,” he said.

It’s an desirous timeline deliberation we have nonetheless to see a fully
organic Hyperloop system. 

Some demos have taken place. For example, SpaceX hosted a competition in January
where Hyperloop pods were tested on a one-mile test
track. Hyperloop One also conducted a hearing run of
its thrust complement on a half-mile test lane in May 2016.

But a real-world Hyperloop complement is much some-more complicated. It
entails rocketing people at speeds up to 700 mph for distances as
prolonged as 86 miles, as would be the case for an Abu Dhabi to Dubai

But BamBrogan pronounced these tests infer that the Hyperloop is
technically plausible, and Arrivo is assured it can pull
it off.

“From an engineering standpoint it’s actually easier than most
people think,” he said. “It really isn’t a technical challenge
per se, we consider the plea is making it commercially viable
and commercially very appetizing.”

Cutting costs

hyperloop one nevada rail
Hyperloop One’s growth site in


The blurb viability of the Hyperloop is formidable to pin

When Musk first suggested his Hyperloop white paper, he pronounced a
Hyperloop complement for transporting people would cost $6 billion.
It was a quite alluring solution deliberation the high
costs of high-speed trains.

But Musk’s initial pricing information could be off. Hyperloop
One estimates the complement could cost up to $13 billion in the Bay
Area, or $121 million per mile, according to inner documents
obtained by Forbes.

For comparison, California’s high-speed rail project, which has
hit snags, is approaching to cost $68 billion at
$123 million per mile.

So even if the Hyperloop isn’t some-more costly than high-speed
rail systems, it seems likely that the assets will be minimal.

Arrivo is focusing on which aspects of the Hyperloop have the
top costs in sequence to operative a solution, Brogan said. He
declined to enhance serve on which areas he wants to aim for
cost cutting, but pronounced Arrivo is looking at new record in the
“electromagnetic realm.”

“There’s some very considerable maglev trains built in the last 30
years, but the volume of appetite compulsory to lend them, whether
they be superconducting or active maglev is very high appetite for
an effectively tiny volume of benefit it gets,” he said.

hyperloop tunnel
The SpaceX Hyperloop


There are still copiousness of sum to produce out as Arrivo looks
to build a commercially viable complement that can contest with
Hyperloop One.

One is the regulatory environment, which can infer formidable as
companies have to hoop zoning laws and land purchasing

Brogan pronounced Arrivo will likely demeanour into public-private
partnerships to hoop the regulatory environment, but doesn’t
devise to rest on supervision funding. The startup has initial
funding, but Brogan declined to criticism on how much it has raised
and who contributed.

Arrivo is looking to build two test sites, with one located in
the United States. Brogan pronounced the startup will exhibit more
sum in the next month or two.

“We positively have the eyes open as to what it takes to muster a
vast infrastructure project,” he said. “That’s because we have built
the group that we have, which includes people who have built and
deployed mobility systems around the world.”

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