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The beautiful Jaguar E-Type has left electric

Jag E-Type Zero

Car buffs discuss all and customarily determine on nothing. But on
one matter there is consensus: The Jaguar E-Type is the most
pleasing automobile ever crafted by human hands on Earth.

The elegant, sporty Jag was constructed for a surprisingly long
time, from 1961 to 1975. Seeing one in the strength is as
showstopping now as it was when Lyndon Johnson was president. No
reduction an management than Enzo Ferrari conspicuous it the
best-looking automobile of all time.

The automobile ran on petrol, but intuiting an event to make the
stately old beauty new again — and promote the attainment of the
I-PACE electric automobile — Jaguar has combined an all-electric
chronicle of the E-Type and will take the cover off at Jaguar Land
Rover’s Tech Fest in London on Friday.

1969 Jaguar E-Type roadster
The stunning


The automobile looks accurately like a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-Type
Roadster since it is a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-Type
Roadster, easy at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works, with the
further of an electric drivetrain.

Called the E-Type Zero — sorry, JLR, hapless name choice
there, yet we get it — the automobile “combines the eminent E-type
energetic knowledge with extended opening through
electrification,” Tim Hannig, executive of Jaguar Land Rover
Classic, pronounced in a statement.

“This singular multiple creates a monumental driving
sensation,” he continued. “Our aim with the E-type Zero is to
future-proof classical automobile ownership. We’re looking brazen to the
greeting of the clients as we examine bringing this concept
to market.”

Jag E-Type Zero
The electric battery pack
and drivetrain.


Jaguar pronounced the E-Type Zero’s “lithium-ion battery container has the
same dimensions, and identical weight, to the strange XK
six-cylinder engine used in the E-type,” and that if an owner
wanted, they could barter out the electric engine for a gas version.
Acceleration is snappy: 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds.

The carmaker didn’t yield sum about how many E-Type Zeros
would be available, but given the monument of the E-Type and its
desired inlet among collectors, it’s protected to assume not many.

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