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The 15 business schools where MBAs earn the top salaries after graduation

wharton school graduationGraduates from Wharton earn some-more than $155,000 in income and reward on normal — some-more than any other MBA program.The Wharton School/Facebook

Business school is costly — generally at a top-notch school. At the 20 best business schools in U.S. News World Report’s most new ranking, you’ll bombard out at slightest $100,000 to earn your MBA. At Harvard Business School or The Wharton School — the highest-ranked programs — you’re looking at $150,000 in fee and fees.

Thankfully, you get a flattering good return on that investment. At many top business schools, the normal starting income and reward for graduates some-more than covers the cost of the degree. 

Business Insider used U.S. News’ business school ranking to prominence the 15 programs where MBAs earn the top salaries after graduation. We’ve also enclosed the school’s altogether numerical score, with 100 representing the best probable result. (You can review a full relapse of U.S. News’ methodology here.)

Each school in the top 15 sets the normal connoisseur up to earn at slightest $140,000 in income and reward in their first year of practice after graduation. 

Read on to check out the business schools where MBAs earn the top salaries after graduation

Note: Tuition figures reflect annual costs for out-of-state students.

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